According to Gartner, 43% of banks expect their current operations to improve from undertaking digital initiatives.

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The acceleration of technology in financial services has both surfaced new opportunities and made traditional activities more complex.For example, new apps and digital services for customers can give banks a competitive advantage and generate additional revenue. But implementing those solutions can be a highly complex process. Visio can help banks meet this digital revolution head on with collaborative diagramming solutions for creating almost any data linked process. Such formalized processes help set the foundation for improving operations in today’s digital first environment.

Visio for modern banking

Formalize the process for system changes

Updating and customizing your core banking systems often requires a full project management approach involving partner ISVs. Visio expedites this effort with visualized process workflows that all stakeholders, including ISVs, can help create and edit in real time. By taking a more formal and collaborative approach to system changes, you can push out better digital solutions faster.

Transition data in Excel to visualized diagrams

One of Visio’s newest capabilities, Data Visualizer, automatically converts Excel-based data process maps into visualized diagrams in Visio. Visualizing data relationships makes it easier to spot trends in investment portfolios, customer accounts, and more to surface upsell opportunities and deliver a more personalized customer experience. Learn more by reading this article.

Monitor real-time data movement

Visio’s built-in data flow diagram (DFD) template comes with industry-standard shapes to visualize data movement to and

from customers and across internal systems. Link diagram shapes to real-time data to visualize how clients use banking services

and embed Visio diagrams into Power BI with Visio Visual to gain even deeper insights. Learn more by reading this article.

Continuously coordinate with regulators

Co-editing in Visio enables you to work hand-in-hand with regulators to create detailed compliance workflows. Collaborating with regulators on workflows helps ensure all requirements are incorporated. Compliance workflows can also serve as task-tracking tools that regulators can access in real time to stay on top of progress and provide feedback.

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