According to Gartner, 40% of Manufacturers that have implemented smart factories are seeing up to 20% productivity gains.

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INDUSTRY 4.0 is about data: collecting it, analyzing it, and putting it to work. But unlike Big Data, Industry 4.0 focuses on simulating processes using modern technology, like AI and virtual reality, to run scenarios without impacting actual production. Microsoft Visio, a leader in smart diagramming, is integrating with these technologies to help you build the smart factory of the future. From visualized data to 3D floorplans, Visio is more than a simple workflow creator it’s a modern solution for achieving Industry 4.0.

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Visualize IOT-connected processes

Visio is an intelligent diagramming solution that integrates with Power BI. Couple this with your IoT-connected machinery and you’ve got a powerful tool for visualizing live data in new ways. Using Visio Visual, embed Visio manufacturing workflows or factory floorplans into Power BI, connect data, and watch your diagrams update instantly. Learn more by reading this article.

Explore factory floorplans in a 3D space

Visio works with mixed reality devices to bring 2D floorplans into a 3D space. Design accurate factory blueprints with Visio and “walk around” your new layout, using your hands and voice to manipulate floorplan elements. Elements can also be connected to live data. All this helps you optimize equipment placement and worker routes before implementing them in real life.

Design and simulate value chains

You can design just about any end-to-end value chain with more than 250,000 shapes in Visio’s online content repository. Work in tandem with partners and internal stakeholders to help ensure everyone’s requirements are met, and run what-if scenarios based on connected data using solutions from third- party providers.

Model system architectures

Using pre-made network diagramming shapes in Visio, you can build accurate representations of your entire IT infrastructure, giving you a detailed map for making system changes and implementing next-gen technologies. Newly released Azure shapes help you accurately represent a variety of Azure services within your Visio diagrams. Learn more by reading this article.

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