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    Microsoft Word Online Gets Better Than Ever

    Microsoft recently made updates to Microsoft Word online to make working between documents as seamless as possible. The updates are being rolled out region by region, so you may not see these updates until later this week.

    Let’s check out the changes:

    MessageOps Microsoft Word Comments
    When reviewing a document, comments can be critical to refining your work. Now, comments will be available in Word online just like the other versions of Microsoft Word you are used to. The new comments panel makes it easy to see all of the comments in a document. You can not only reply to comments, but you can also mark them as done. Hints along the margin make it easy to tell where comments have been added.

    2. List Improvements
    MessageOps Microsoft Word List Improvements
    Lists are a great way to stay organized. Now, Microsoft is bringing some added intelligence to lists. Word will know when a list ends and a new one begins. You’ll also be able to click a menu item and select one of the list-specific options, Start New List, Continue Numbering or Set Numbering Value.

    When you choose Start New List, numbering will start from 1. If you would like to start a list from a previous list in your document, you can select continue numbering. If the previous list updates, your current list will update as well.

    You can also choose Set Numbering Value. With this option you can start a new list with numbering starting at any number, or you can continue from a previous list but have your top entry skip a few numbers. The possibilities for lists are endless.

    3. Exporting Documents

    It is now easier then ever to export documents in Microsoft Word online. There is now an option to download as a PDF and printing to a PDF is easier now too.


    If you weren’t using Microsoft Word online before, now it’s time to start. We no longer live in a world where we just work at our office. Work is done everywhere and on the go, and using online programs has become a part of our daily lives. These updates to Microsoft Work will make it easier to work effectively between documents, and we can’t wait to see what changes they will make next.

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