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    Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program + MessageOps = Wow


    Amazing support, faster responses, customized billing, and one-of-a-kind free Office 365 tools – Yes, all from MessageOps with the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program!

    What is the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program?

    Microsoft created the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program so that companies can enjoy a full-service experience for their cloud environment working directly with a partner. The best part of the CSP licensing model is that there is no additional fees. The price you are currently paying for your Office 365 licensing remains the same, plus you receive free value adds from MessageOps.

    MessageOps is the top Cloud Solution Provider with over 60,000 members as their single point of contact for thousands of Microsoft Office 365 users to handle their direct billing, provisioning, management, support, and delivering value-added services.

    You get the same Office 365 plans and uptime, but with full service, support and free value-added services.

    What’s Included with CSP:

    • MessageOps is your single point of contact for all of your Office 365 needs
    • A dedicated CSP Success Manager as your personal “concierge”
    • 24x7x365 U.S. based technical support
    • Critical situation support and escalation to Microsoft
    • Customized billing and invoicing
    • World-class tips and tricks
    • Free value-added tools and services only available with MessageOps

    Why is MessageOps the best partner for Office 365?

    Unmatched Microsoft Expertise

    MessageOps’ heritage started with Microsoft cloud services and today we continue to deliver industry-leading Office 365 services, award-winning tools, and software to enhance our customer’s experience.

    • MessageOps has migrated nearly 6 Million seats to Office 365
    • Over 7,200 companies leverage MessageOps software
    • MessageOps has dedicated 18,750 man hours to Office 365 migrations
    • MessageOps does business with over 2,600 Office 365 customers

    Top-Notch Support Services

    When you need support, it should be fast and easy. Get direct support from our team of experts who are available on a 24x7x365 basis for your technical support issues. We are there with you until it gets resolved.

    Simplified Billing & Invoicing

    Billing shouldn’t be complicated. With MessageOps, we make your Office 365 billing and invoicing easy. We will customize your billing to your business needs.

    One-of-a-Kind Value Added Tools and Services

    MessageOps customers have access to utilities and services to enhance your Office 365 experience. The best part? They’re all included with any of the Office 365 pricing plans —regardless of which plan you choose.

    A more flexible option than Microsoft Enterprise Agreement plans

    If you currently have a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement for your Office 365 volume licensing, but you’re looking for a scalable solution that allows you to evolve as your needs change, then working with a CSP Partner is your best bet. The MessageOps CSP program allows you to add or remove users and products instantaneously and pay only for what you use.

    With EA contacts offering so much less flexibility, an increasing number of organizations are making the switch to CSP when their EA contracts come up for renewal. Before you renew your Enterprise Agreement, explore the differences between EA and CSP and see if our CSP program is right for you.


    Q: Why is there a CSP program and is it mandatory?

    A: Microsoft is addressing the concern from many customers about challenges with billing and support, for example, by giving customers the option of going with trusted partners to assume those responsibilities to allow more personal service and free value adds. Microsoft is evolving the partner model to this program and would like all customers to at least hear about the program, and make the determination at that point if it is a beneficial move.

    Q: What are the requirements to qualify for CSP?

    A: Currently you must be a U.S. based customer of Office 365 who is not on an enterprise agreement / volume licensing agreement. Also, customers who receive discounted or donated licenses (ex: education, government, non-profit) are not eligible at this time.

    Q: What is the pricing for this CSP?

    A: The best part of the CSP licensing model is that there is no additional fees. The price you are currently paying for your Office 365 licensing remains the same, plus you receive our free value adds. The act of moving to CSP is considered more of an administrative change because there is no extra financial requirement.

    Q: What are the free, value-added services with MessageOps?

    A: Our most popular MessageOps software (Exchange Migrator, PST Importer User Edition), CSP Boss to manage your licensing, easier point of contact level 1 and 2 support, customized / consolidated billing, Inscape365 management and reporting platform, Office 365 Adoption platform, and our SharePoint Productivity Suite (includes a company intranet platform, a contract/asset management platform, and a learning management system featuring gamification).

    Q: How does support work?

    A: Support works very similarly to the Microsoft model. You may reach out for any of the administrative level concerns pertaining to your subscription 24x7x365 but it is all U.S. based and records have shown we are resolving tickets in under half the time of Microsoft. You can reach CSP support by contacting 877-788-1617 then press option 1 then option 2.

    Q: What does consolidated and customized billing consist of?

    A: Some customers have reported that based on the different plans they have they receive different bills at different times, some electronic and some mail, and at times require different forms of payment. In going with MessageOps we can consolidate all the licenses into one concise bill, delivered on the day of the month you choose, and you may pay with the method of payment you prefer (monthly fees under $500 we do require credit card payment).

    Q: How do I switch over from Microsoft Partner of Record to the CSP program?

    A: The process to transition to the CSP program is very simple and non-invasive, with zero downtime. Our CSP concierge will simply replace your current Office365 licensing with the corresponding CSP licensure. PLEASE NOTE: You will receive emails from Microsoft that your subscription is expiring, this is in regards to the licensing you originally acquired from Microsoft, unfortunately there is no way to disable this notice.

    Q: How do I change / add / delete licenses in my subscription?

    A: MessageOps has created CSP Boss, our platform that enables you to self-manage your subscription easily in a user friendly interface.

    Q: Can I cancel CSP at any time?

    A: Yes, you are able to cancel your CSP service with us at any time with a 30 day notice.

    Q: What are my next steps to learn about CSP?

    A: You can call us at 877-788-1617, then press option 3 to speak with a representative to schedule a 20-30 minute discussion to hear about the program and have your questions answered at a time convenient to you.

    To learn more, call 877-788-1617 or visit: https://www.messageops.com/office-365-pricing/ 

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