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    Microsoft’s Powerful Diagramming Tool Visio is Coming to the Web and iOS

    Microsoft's Powerful Diagramming Tool Visio is Coming to the Web and iOS

    You can now access Visio diagrams from your iPad or any browser thanks to new tools from Microsoft

    Microsoft Visio is a robust diagramming tool that’s long been available for Windows users. Having the ability to quickly create in-depth diagrams has helped organizations all over the world gain operational insights and create visual representations of intricate business processes and scenarios.

    There is no shortage of diagramming tools available, but few offer the versatility of Visio. With Visio, anyone can quickly begin creating diagrams without much of a large learning curve.

    Over the past few years, Microsoft has begun to not only cater to their large base of Windows users, but also to users across other platforms. Under new leadership, the company has drastically shifted its focus to be more inclusive and has begun to develop a variety of tools for users of other operating systems.

    Visio is being developed for iOS and the web

    Microsoft recently announced Visio Viewer for iPad and Visio Online Preview, which enable users to access their diagrams across a variety of devices from anywhere, assuming they have an active internet connection.

    Sharing is easy online or via the Visio iPad app

    Large numbers of organizations rely on Visio to handle the diagramming of their intricate business processes. In the past, users would have to save diagrams in alternate formats if they were to be shared with users who didn’t have access to Visio on their machine. Now, with Visio Online Preview and Visio Viewer for iPad, users can store their diagrams on either SharePoint Online or OneDrive for Business and easily share them with anyone. Users simply share a link that can be viewed in any browser or through the iPad app.

    Explore diagrams on the go with Visio Viewer for iPad

    Combining the power of the iPad Retina display with Visio’s detailed diagrams, you’ll be able to instantly track your intricate business processes on the go using the Visio Viewer app for your iPad. Easily zoom in to look at various diagrams in greater depth and know that you’ll always have access to critical information when you’re making decisions, whether you’re in the office or on the road.

    Access diagrams from any machine using Visio Online Preview

    Visio’s desktop application has always been a great way to create and access all types of organizational charts, business processes, network maps and much more. With Visio Online Preview you can now turn these diagrams into a virtual control panel that can be accessed from any browser.

    Visio Viewer for iPhone is on the way

    You can download Visio Viewer for iPad today, and Microsoft plans to release Visio for the iPhone in the next few months. Should you have any questions about the versatility of Visio in your business, don’t hesitate to reach out to the MessageOps team today at 877-788-1617 or through our online contact form.

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