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    New Collaboration Features Rolling out to Office 365 Education Customers

    New Collaboration Features Rolling out to Office 365 Education Customers on messageops.com

    Teachers and students alike should be excited about the new features for Office 365

    The engineers at Microsoft have been busy this year gearing up for the start of school. Office 365 Education customers will be excited to learn about a variety of new features that are set to be released just in time for the back-to-school rush.

    All Office 365 Education customers have access to these new updates, which are available completely free for both teachers and students. Let’s dig into the latest additions:

    Docs.com offers a way to share knowledge and content

    One common need for students and teachers alike is the ability to create and easily share content with parents, as well as with others who may be located across town, or even across the world.

    Thanks to Microsoft’s Docs.com, students and teachers can easily create an online portfolio that can include Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, OneNote notebooks, PowerPoint and Sway presentations, and PDF documents, as well as a variety of other content. Docs.com keeps all of the formatting, images, and formulas of the documents intact to ensure they can be shared online.

    Teacher collaboration among peers

    While collaboration has been encouraged in many traditional office environments, there have been some barriers when it comes to promoting sharing among teachers.

    One way that educators have looked to spur collaboration is through professional learning communities (PLCs) where teachers can meet on a regular basis to share teaching skills and other tools that may help improve student performance. To further foster collaboration among PLCs, Microsoft has recently customized Office 365 Groups to better meet the needs of these groups.

    Better integration with existing educational tools

    Several months ago, Microsoft released the Class Notebook Add-in, which is a free supplement that allows teachers to be more efficient in handling their Class Notebooks. With these online notebooks, teachers can quickly review and distribute student work, as well as integrate grading with a variety of third-party Learning Management Systems.

    Microsoft has also been hard at work adding to the number of systems that can integrate with the Class Notebook Add-in, and recently announced 35 new partners who have committed to working with Office 365 Education and OneNote. Twenty of these partners have already been implemented, with more constantly being rolled out.

    Improved student assessments with Microsoft Forms

    Initial feedback about Office 365 Education from teachers has been positive, but focused on the need for some type of interactive quizzing functionality for the classroom. Microsoft Forms helps to address this need by allowing teachers to give online quizzes that can track student progress, differentiate instruction for each student, and also give students instant feedback based on their unique needs.

    Interested in learning more about Office 365 Education?

    If you’re interested in learning more about the many features that have been released for Office 365 Education, don’t hesitate to reach out to MessageOps today at 877-788-1617 or through our online contact form. We look forward to showing you how Microsoft continues to improve our education system through access to tools that help both teachers and students.

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