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    New Features in Outlook on the Web

    Outlook on the Web

    Here is how to get more out of your email with Outlook on the web. Microsoft has streamlined search to make it easier than ever to find what you’re looking for, and new features like Files and attachment previews let you see your pictures and files without leaving your inbox.

    To quickly change your settings so your inbox looks the way you want it to, see Change the look of your mailbox in Outlook.com and the new Outlook on the web.

    New In Outlook on the web

    When you sign in to Outlook on the web, you’ll go straight to your inbox.



    Create a new message by selecting New message.
    Folders listThe list includes the folders in your mailbox. It may include other folders, such as Favorites and Archive folders.

    Select Expand Expand to show the folders list, or select Collapse Collapse to hide it.

    Right-click an existing folder and select Create new subfolder.

    See Working with message folders in Outlook on the web to learn more about available folders.

    Search box

    In the Search box, type the name or email address of a person or a keyword you want to search for, and press Enter or select The Search icon .

    Search window

    Reading paneThe message or conversation that you selected appears in the reading pane. Use the command bar above the reading pane to perform common actions such as deleting, archiving, sweeping, moving emails, or categorizing.

    Outlook.com message toolbar

    Select More More icon to see additional actions—for example, an option to print a message. If you want to learn about printing, see Print email messages, attachments, and calendars in Outlook on the web.

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    New in Calendar

    New eventCreate a new event by selecting New event. Then, fill in information about the event.
    Your calendarsUnder Calendars, My calendar is the default selection and displays the calendar in Month view. You can move forward or backward through calendar months using the arrows above the calendar.

    You can add other calendars, for example a holiday calendar, by selecting Discover calendars in the left pane. After you add a new calendar, you can choose whether to display it by selecting or clearing the calendar option.

    If you decide you don’t want the calendar you created, right-click the calendar and select Remove > Delete.

    Other calendarsYou can view more than one calendar at a time, add other calendars and select which to display, and create new calendars.
    View optionsChoose your calendar view: Day, Work week, Week, or Month. To return to today’s date, select Today on the left side of the command bar above the calendar.
    Calendar pane

    Select a specific day in the calendar, and any appointment or event scheduled for that day is listed in this area. You also can select a day or time slot and create a new appointment or event.

    What to see in People

    Use the People page to find, view, create, and edit contacts and contact lists. To learn more about managing contacts in Outlook on the web, go to Using contacts (People) in Outlook on the web.

    What You will See in the new version of Tasks

    Use Tasks to create, manage, and track things you want to get done. You can learn more about the new and classic tasks in Outlook on the web by going to Use Tasks in Outlook on the web.

    Task listsTasks includes four default lists, plus any other task lists that you create.
    Task list contentsSee and manage the tasks in the selected list from this window. Ths is also where you can create new tasks. Right-click a task for a list of options, or select a task to see and manage its details.
    Task details paneAfter you’ve selected a task, you can use the details pane to do things like add more information, add steps, or mark as important.

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