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    New Microsoft Online Applications from MessageOps

    MessageOps has recently released a couple new applications for Microsoft Online that we want to tell you about.

    First is the Exchange Online Mailbox Search. It allows you to search for keywords or phrases across all of the mailboxes in your Microsoft Exchange Online account. This allows administrators to perform basic E-discovery tasks against the live mailbox data in Microsoft Exchange Online. It also gives administrators the ability to delete messages from the mailboxes in the event that someone accidently or intentionally sends out confidential or inappropriate content.

    It’s currently in Beta and available as a free download from our site. We are looking to gather feedback from clients on the practicality and usefulness of such an application before adding more features.

    The second new application is the Microsoft Online User Portal. It allows end users to perform common administrative tasks on their own, reducing the burden on administrators and the helpdesk. It currently supports 2 features: Group Management and Password Reset.

    Group Management allows users to update the membership of Distribution Groups that they are the Manager of in the local Active Directory. These changes then get replicated to Microsoft Online via Directory Synchronization.

    Password Reset allows users to reset their Microsoft Online Password without Administrator access. Password resets are a big administrative burden in Microsoft Online, and this simple web interface allows users to regain access to Microsoft Online if they forget their password.

    The Microsoft Online User Portal is available free for MessageOps clients. We also sell the application to partners and clients that already have a partner. Contact us for more details at info@messageops.com.

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