Pay attention to a variety of new Office 365 updates that should boost security and artificial intelligence capabilities.

Since Microsoft has moved to a subscription model for their Office products dubbed Office 365, they’ve constantly been releasing new features and updates to further cement their brand as the go-to productivity suite for business professionals. Read on to learn about some of these new features and how many of them are focused on AI enhancements to allow users to be more productive with a variety of Office 365 apps including Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

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Look out for these new Office 365 features

Microsoft PowerPoint and Word

Both Word and PowerPoint have added new Ink analysis features, which allows for handwritten words to be converted directly into the text. This allows users to write using a touchscreen device and have their words converted into text, or drawings into images.

Microsoft Word, not to be outdone, also has added new ink gestures to allow users to add handwritten text to documents as well as adding annotation abilities such as splitting paragraphs, adding words into existing paragraphs, and more.

Microsoft Word for Mac is also gaining some AI features such as the ability to translate documents from more than 60 languages as well as a beefed-up resume builder with insights from LinkedIn.

Outlook for iOS

While this has not always been the case, lately, Microsoft has been very open to working with other third-party vendors including Apple. This is a smart move due to the wildly popular iPhone and Mac line of computers. In this latest set of Office 365 updates, Outlook for iOS has seen quite a few enhancements. The mobile app now offers Draft Sync, which allows users to continue writing emails that have been saved elsewhere. In addition, an updated Organization view makes it easier to track team members and organizational structure within a business.

Outlook for Windows

outlook for Windows, the most widely used desktop email client in the world also has received some key updates specifically related to calendar functionality. Meeting organizers can now prevent meeting invitations from being forwarded to recipients that were not on the original invite list. This helps meeting organizers better control privacy as well as the size of a meeting. Meeting attendees can now also view the RSVP status of others.

Office 365 security enhancements

Microsoft also has announced a variety of security improvements to various Office 365 account holders. Microsoft 365 Business subscribers can now enjoy improved protection from cyber threats as well as additional protection from data leaks. Advanced Threat Detection is now also included to help prevent against malware and phishing. Finally, data loss prevention is included to help businesses protect sensitive information. Some of these security enhancements have also been added to Office 365 Home and Office 365 Personal accounts as well.

Availability of Multi-Geo Capabilities for Office 365

If your organization needs to address global data residency requirements, Office 365 has your back. Thanks to Multi-Geo Capabilities, Office 365 customers have the option to store their OneDrive and Exchange Online data in a region, all controllable on a per-user basis.

Is your organization ready to make the jump to Office 365?

As you can see, Microsoft has been hard at work adding a variety of key features to Office 365. If your organization is interested in migrating to Office 365, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at MessageOps. We’ve helped countless organizations leverage the power of this highly versatile platform and would welcome the chance to work with you and your team.

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