Microsoft has improved the collaborative features and usability of OneNote

Last month, the Office 365 team was hard at work releasing a variety of new features to OneNote that include collaboration improvements, added ability to save content for the web, and enhanced inking. In this blog, we’ll highlight these changes to show you how you can expand your use of this versatile cloud-based tool in your business.

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Introduction of OneNote email notifications

For Office 365 users, Microsoft has released a new Sharing Notification Email service that allows you to avoid missing a critical edit to a notebook that involves you or your team. You can control the number of emails that you receive each day from the Sharing Notification Email service, with 5 being the maximum. To manage these settings, visit the OneNote website.

Improvements to OneNote Web Clipper

OneNote Web Clipper is a popular tool that allows Office 365 users to save important web pages and other online resources to a designated notebook. A number of new features have been released for Web Clipper for IE, Safari, and Chrome, including:

  • Video support – You can now clip videos from YouTube and Vimeo directly into OneNote
  • Font edits – Change the font type and size in a clipped article before it’s saved to OneNote
  • Create your own title – Edit the title of an article prior to saving to OneNote
  • Highlighting capabilities – When clipping an article, you can highlight text that will be saved in OneNote
  • Clip multiple sections at one time – Easily clip multiple sections of a webpage and save them all in a single OneNote page
  • Preview mode – A new preview mode has been added that allows you to see exactly how an article will show up in OneNote.

Download the latest version of OneNote Web Clipper.

Enhancements to Inking in OneNote

New ink effects – While inking with a solid color has been around for some time, OneNote users can get a bit more creative with their notebooks. Microsoft is rolling out new ink effects, which include gold, silver, rainbow, and galaxy.

Inking in OneNote for Mac – Inking is finally available in OneNote for Mac. Now users can highlight, write, and draw using their mouse, trackpad, or any third-party display or tablet that uses a stylus or pen. OneNote also works well with the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro. Feel free to download OneNote for Mac at your convenience.

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