The latest round of Office 365 updates are sure to excite businesses of all sizes around the globe.

According to a recent Office 365 blog post, February was quite a busy month for releases across all Office clients. Not only were there a variety of updates for Word, Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint, but this was also the first major feature update since the initial rollout of the Office 2016 apps in September. Dive in for more information on the details of these Office 365 enhancements.

Improving the user experience on mobile devices

With mobile overtaking fixed Internet access, it’s no surprise that Microsoft has invested heavily in improving the Office mobile experience. New features have been released that allow users to more easily and naturally use Office with a variety of mobile devices.

Annotate with Ink using Windows tablets

With recent updates you can now use your finger, pen, and new tools within the Draw tab to draw, write, and annotate in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint Mobile using Windows tablets.

Insert images into documents using your tablet or phone

Your Office apps are now seamlessly integrated into your mobile device’s camera so that you can capture images and insert them into your documents on both Windows and Android tablets and phones.

Integrating partner storage into Office for iPad and iPhone

Cloud storage providers now are able to initegrate directly with Office for iPad and iPhone. Currently Box has been integrated with Word, PowerPoint, and Excel with additional partners coming soon.

Pin documents to Start menu on Windows tablets and phones

Easily pin your favorite spreadsheets and documents to the Windows Start menu of your tablet or phone.

Adding additional functionality to Excel

The latest Office 365 update brings new functionality to Excel including new ways to share, manipulate, and visualize your data. New functions make building common calculations easier, and better Formula AutoComplete algorithms allow you to find what you’re looking for faster. Another new feature is the introduction of the Funnel chart for Windows phones, tablets, and desktops as well as Android devices, which allows you to display data in progressively decreasing proportions.

Office for Mac updates

Using customer feedback, Microsoft has released a variety of improvements for Office for Mac.

Quick Access Toolbar customization

Based on user feedback, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word for Mac now allow users to customize Quick Access Toolbar commands.

Faster updates

Users who wish to stay up to date with the latest software releases can now download incremental changes since the last release. This will result in quicker downloads and smaller download sizes.

Morph now integrated with PowerPoint

Morph, a popular tool that allows users to quickly create interactive presentations is now tightly integrated with PowerPoint for Mac.

Outlook improvements for Office 365

New updates make it much easier for commercial Office 365 users to join, browse, and create Office 365 Groups from within Outlook. A new Groups section has been added allowing easy access to join and browse Office 365 Groups. A Suggested Groups option allows users to see groups that they may like to join based on the Office Graph personalization algorithm.

An additional feature in Office 365 is a new Archive function that allows users to easily move messages from their inbox to another folder. The Archive feature is currently being released to Outlook 2016, Outlook on Apple devices, Android, and online. This functionality will be coming soon to Office for Mac.

Have questions about recent Office 365 updates?

We hope you’re excited about the large slate of updates that have recently been rolled out to Office 365 customers. If you have any questions about these enhancements don’t hesitate to contact the MessageOps team today.

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