How INSCAPE helped this growing gym franchise streamline its hiring processes by integrating ADP with Office 365

From 5 days to 10 minutes

One of the biggest pain points with hiring was how long it would take to get new employees into their system, CIO at EOS Fitness, Troy Freet says. “That has been something that has plagued us quite a bit because there are so many different things that we have to do. There are many different touchpoints.”

Troy Freet says that it wasn’t uncommon for it to take several days for HR to create a record for a new hire.

“If someone was hired on a Friday, HR might not get to them until Tuesday, and IT might not get to them until Wednesday. So it could be five days before a new hire was in the system.”


“We’ve doubled in size over the last year. We have hundreds of locations currently in our pipeline, and that’s the main reason why we wanted to find a solution that was scalable and could leverage all of the API that our partner companies have to get our onboarding and offboarding solved. It’s really been a challenge. For example, we recently acquired five locations in Utah, which means bringing on thousands of employees.”

To make everything related to their hiring process as simple as possible, EōS Fitness decided to partner with MessageOps, and they have been extremely happy with the results.

“But, thanks to the INSCAPE Office 365 integration tool offered by MessageOps that timeframe has changed dramatically. Instead of taking days, now new employees are in their system in 10 minutes, regardless of whether it is a business day or not.”

A one-click onboarding automation process

EOS Fitness uses ADP for their online application, and now that it has been integrated with Office 365 through INSCAPE, the onboarding process has been streamlined. Once a manager chooses someone to hire, all they do is click a button. From there, the person’s information is put into their employee record. “The employee information follows them into Office 365,” Freet says. “The INSCAPE integration will automatically add that person to the correct security groups.”

Putting people in the right security groups is especially important because EOS Fitness does a lot of in- house hiring, which means that employees are frequently moved into new roles. “Our company culture is really to hire from within. We post positions on our internal message boards before they go out externally,”. “Someone may start out working as a fitness counselor or at the front desk,” Freet says, “and they may end up moving into management or another part of the company. And when their security access changes, they need to be put in the right groups immediately.”

On the other side, in terms of security, is when an employee exits the company. Once HR receives notification from a manager that someone will be leaving, they can be locked out of all systems immediately. “This just takes the guesswork out of things,” Freet says.

Enhanced visibility and productivity

One of the features of INSCAPE Freet likes best is the management and reporting, Freet says

“INSCAPE offers improved visibility into how EōS Fitness is running. It’s now easy to find mailboxes that haven’t been used in a certain amount of days. And unlike other platforms, with INSCAPE, important information can be found quickly and easily, and this enables the company to immediately see how they can free up resources and be more productive. Plus, it lets us focus more of our efforts on things like audits, instead of all the tasks related to hiring.”

Why did EOS Fitness choose INSCAPE?

Freet decided to go with INSCAPE because he couldn’t find another product that offered the right solutions for their needs.

“I did a lot of shopping before we decided to do something with INSCAPE, and I didn’t see anything else that was off the shelf that offered integration between ADP and OFFICE 365”



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