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    Office 365 backup and recovery of emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for all users

    Office 365 allows the recovery of accidentally deleted data for 30 days. SharePoint and OneDrive keep deleted data for 90 days. After the retention period runs out, the data is deleted forever. Champion offers an Office 365 Backup solution with a single place to manage, backup, and recover all of your Office 365 data in the cloud. We back up changes daily from Office 365 applications to an unlimited cloud, and make that data accessible to export or restore with a single click.


    Be protected from malicious attacks and email phishing, and recover any inadvertent email deletion or purged trash bin

    • Secure your mailboxes against advanced threats

      What’s Included

      Backup of your Office 365, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive (all plans, all data) – Backup SharePoint Online Team Site (and all sub-sites), Public Site (and all sub-sites), Private Site Collections and individual OneDrive for Business data.

      Data Restoration – In the event of data loss or corruption, restore your data quickly including individual mail items, files or records, entire mailboxes, folders, and databases.

      Unlimited Version History – Keep unlimited version history of your backup data, and download and archive mailboxes, folders and databases offline.

    • Protect against unsafe attachments

      Ransomware & Phishing Protection

      With today’s ever-growing Ransomware and email phishing battle, it has never been more important to have backup and DR plan in place. A recent survey showed that 41% of U.S. businesses had at least encountered between one and five ransomware attacks in the previous 12 months. Also, approximately 10% of emails delivered last month to Office 365 inboxes were spam, phishing messages, and known or zero-day malware. Gain peace of mind in knowing you can restore any versions of files backed up. Simply find a clean, unencrypted version of the files or folders you want to restore and download them in seconds. Problem solved.

    • Gain critical insight on malicious attacks

      Easy Administration

      Managing your Office 365 backups is uber easy and intuitive. Your backup activity comes directly to you in a daily report so you can see how your backup is performing. In the case of accidental deletion, ransomware, etc. and should you need to restore data, you can simply search to locate and recover individual items, or restore an entire mailbox, calendar, etc.

    Security, Data Protection, and Cost Mitigation

    • microsoft azure managed services azure security azure cost azure performanceSimplified and affordable pricing in line with how you pay for Office 365 today
    • microsoft azure managed services azure security azure cost azure performanceStay in the loop – Get a daily report of your backup activity
    • microsoft azure managed services azure security azure cost azure performanceLong-term retention – Ensure you have unlimited storage and retention of your daily archives to be compliant
    • microsoft azure managed services azure security azure cost azure performanceGlobal coverage – Data is securely archived in the U.S. (or EU or Australia)

    Office 365 Backup
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