Absolutely! Here’s what you can do to make the transition more fun for you and your team.

After working with many companies in their Office 365 Change Management and End User Adoption strategies, we’ve found that companies who make it fun have very high success rates. So what can you to make it fun?

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Host an Office 365 Showcase

We’ve helped companies produce Office 365 Showcases, which have a lively, trade show flair. Kiosks are set up in a cafeteria, meeting room or other convenient location. Hosting each kiosk is a departmental Office 365 Power User who demonstrates a unique aspect of the software to everyone who stops by. Every participant not hosting a kiosk receives a “bingo card” containing the name of each kiosk demonstration.

When the participant has visited every station, he or she will hand in the card and get a prize. The Showcase is full of balloons, giveaways, music and other fun ideas. Everyone learns to use the system, understands best practices and walks away feeling energized and ready to put what they’ve learned into practice. Who knew adopting Office 365 and change management could be so fun?

Try gamification

MessageOps has created an Office 365 online Sharepoint game that allows users to complete missions and earn badges. It’s filled with leaderboards and learning aids that will help you tap into your team’s competitive spirit and make adoption a team-led transition. Managers will also get to see how their business units are progressing throughout the learning and adoption process. Most people won’t even realize they’re learning – they’ll be too focused on earning badges and winning prizes.

It’s fun – and it works.

These are just two ways to make Office 365 Change Management and End User Adoption fun.  We would love to hear what you have done to help your business units successfully adopt Office 365

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