The Virtual Agent for Microsoft Office 365 is the best Office 365 customer support tool for finding support numbers.

Have you ever had a question for a company and ended up waiting on hold for what feels like hours on the phone? We have, and it’s never what we want to be doing. A client recently asked us who they could speak with at Microsoft about a billing and subscription question, and we realized we didn’t really know a great answer. After a bit of research, we found this amazing resource that really helped the customer out, and we wanted to share it with everyone. It’s the Virtual Agent for Microsoft Office 365 and it’s the number one resource for Microsoft Office 365 customer support phone numbers.

The Virtual Agent for Microsoft Office 365 is available 24/7 and it couldn’t be easier to use.

All you have to do is head to this Office 365 customer support link,

virtual agent screenshot

Let them know what you’re looking for (we were searching for billing and subscriptions).

Typed in question screenshot

Tell them which country or region you’re located in.

virtual agent answer screenshot

And you’ll have the number in seconds.

virtual agent contact details screenshot

If that’s not a super easy way to get an Office 365 customer support number, we don’t know what is.

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