Learn about Office 365 Delve and how it can streamline document sharing in your organization

If your organization uses Office 365 you’ve likely heard of Delve, but may not fully understand its functionality. In this blog we’re going to answer a number of questions we’ve received from some of our enterprise customers related to this new and versatile productivity tool built right into Microsoft’s platform.

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What is Office 365 Delve?

Delve is a tool that helps you quickly find the information that is of most value to you, regardless of where it’s located within your organization. It also enables you to easily access data about people within your organization and in turn, those people can find out more information about you.

Gone are the days where you had to know the exact name of a document that you are interested in finding. With Delve, you can quickly see relevant files stored across both OneDrive for Business and SharePoint.

Are there any security concerns related to Delve?

Users are only able to see documents that they already have access to. In addition, other people won’t have access to any documents that are marked as private. For further information about the security of your documents in Delve, Microsoft has published a blog focused on squashing any privacy concerns.

To see what public documents other members of your team are working on, simply:

  • Click on someone’s name or picture while in Delve
  • When you locate a document that you’re interested in, you can add it as a favorite or add it to a board to look at later

How do I remove content from Delve?

If you store documents in either OneDrive for Business or SharePoint, they’ll automatically show up in Delve for you, as well as for any of your colleagues who have access to them.

If you’re interested in keeping a specific document private, you can still store it in OneDrive for Business, but you should simply choose not to share it. These documents will not show up in Delve for other people. If you look closely at your private documents in Delve, you’ll see they are marked with a padlock indicating that they’re not accessible by others.

How does Delve know what’s relevant to individual users?

Microsoft has dedicated an entire blog post to explain how Delve assigns relevance, but in short, it’s determined by the Office Graph. This artificial intelligence tool constantly collects data and analyzes all sorts of signals to determine what should be most relevant to you, based on your work habits as well as the habits of your colleagues.

Stay better connected to colleagues with Office Delve

We hope this foray into Office Delve has piqued your interest and will have you exploring this innovative tool within Office 365. For more information about how to use and customize Delve as well as any of the other Office 365 apps, feel free to reach out to us today.

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