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    Office 365 Incentives Are Back (And Better Than Ever)

    Office 365 Incentives Are Back (And Better Than Ever) on messageops.com

    Get the skinny on MS’s incentive program, discover what’s new and find out if you’re eligible!

    Last year, Microsoft set up an incentives program to promote switching from old versions of Office to Office 365. Just recently, they announced that they would be doing it again for business users who purchase licenses in the current year. The way the program works is pretty straightforward: they want to reduce the cost of switching and make the whole process easier.

    The Details

    The offer is available to companies that purchase at least 150 licenses for Office 365, which makes the business eligible to work with a Microsoft Certified Partner to ease the onboarding process. Partners like MessageOps will connect remotely to your company’s network to install and configure all relevant Office software, including all cloud functionality. This is a huge time-saver.

    We understand the potential pitfalls of this installation process and can carry it out quickly and flawlessly. Your company’s IT department might know the company’s system, but we know Microsoft’s software even better and can provide a lot of support throughout the process.

    Extra Benefits

    The incentives do not end there. In addition to their supportive partners, Microsoft also covers part of the cost of switching over. Switching costs can be tens of thousands of dollars—and so can the check Microsoft writes to help offset that cost. Of course, this process is subject to review and due diligence by Microsoft to verify costs, but MS wants to make the transition as smooth and inexpensive as possible. They generally do not cover the entire transition cost, but the portion they do reimburse can be the difference between fitting it into the budget or waiting until next year.

    Mail Migration

    So far, this is all the same as a similar program that MS ran last year. However, there is one major innovation that is new for this year. Recognizing the importance of mail migration, Microsoft has added support for migrating mail to the new system. However, because mail is more customized and there is more variation in how mail works from company to company, Microsoft does require that businesses carry out some preparation before they will step in to help will mail migration. You can investigate the potential changes you might need to make by getting in touch with Microsoft and explaining your situation.


    Much of the process is automatic. Microsoft will generally contact eligible businesses to get the ball rolling on their incentives program. If you feel that you should qualify and that you have not been contacted, you can email them to resolve the situation. Their support staff is ready and able to help, just as they are prepared to help you move to the new software suite.

    The Final Word

    Migrating over to Office 365 is appealing for many reasons—the software is full of new features and it opens up a connection to the upcoming updates that Microsoft plans to roll out over time. But to access those benefits, you need to be able to get through the migration process at a minimum cost. Microsoft’s incentive program is their way to make that easy for you.

    To learn more about Microsoft’s incentive program or work with a partner who can make the transition fast and painless for you, contact MessageOps today.

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