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    Office 365 Lockbox Ensures Business Security in the Cloud

    Cloud users may rest assured that security in the cloud is getting better with the new Lockbox for Office 365.

    Lockbox for Office 365 – Business Security - MessageOpsWhen it comes to the adoption of software services with storage options in the Cloud, many businesses have concerns about their data’s safety. The team at Office 365 understands these concerns and they would like to give back the controls over data access to their owners. Office 365 users will now be able to put a Lockbox on Office 365 cloud storage and implement customized security rules and accessibility to avoid data breaches.

    The Office 365 Lockbox ensures business security, and it will allow you to enforce access control to your data using a rigorous process through multiple levels of approval. This will allow you to establish limited and time-bound authorizations. To complement this new tool, all activities to access your information will be logged and audited. Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

    1. You will need to assign within your organization, the authorized staff member(s) who will be in charge of granting access to the data.
    2. Once the lockbox is set in place, the moment one of the Office 365 technicians has the need to go into to your data for tech issues, they will have to submit a form requesting access to the area they need to work on.
    3. The assigned administrator(s) will receive the request forms, and thereafter they will have to approve or deny accordingly.
    4. Authorization requests will expire by default after 12 hours from request time.
    5. Authorization will be granted to a specific area of data and for a limited period of time. The specific area and period of time to access, will be specified in the request form.

    Access to a client’s private information is only required in instances when a Microsoft engineer needs to resolve a service issue that a customer is requesting. Moreover, administrators can only request permission to take action based on their set of privileges through a role-base access control set in place by customers themselves.

    This new tool will be available for Exchange Online users by the end of 2015, and for SharePoint online by the first quarter of 2015. If you are using any of the Office 365 commercial plans, Customer Lockbox will be a tool available to use with an easy opt-in.

    Although Microsoft has automated potential issues in order to avoid having to access customer’s information, if the issue does fall within this area, Microsoft wants to make sure that there is transparency and control for Office 365 customers. If you would like to learn more about the options available for your business, contact MessageOps today for further details.

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