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    Do you need Office 365 MDM for Business?

    Learn about Office 365 MDM (Mobile Device Management), the new tool that will allow you to control the access your team members have to your Office 365 on Mobile devices.

    Office 365 MDM for Business - MessageOps Boca Raton, FLOffice 365 MDM is an add-in that will give business owners the control over the business data that goes into an employee’s mobile device. Whether it is a personal or business owned device, you will be able to control the data that goes into it. While we had some partial solutions to this problem, Office 365 MDM for business comes with an enhanced system to control device capabilities such as encryption, password requirements, age restrictions, etc.
    Does it sound good? Well here are the top capabilities that you will have when using Office 365 MDM:

    • Ability to selectively wipe business data from a mobile device: you’ll be able to remotely remove encrypted information without cleaning up the entire device.
    • Conditional Access to Office 365: you’ll be able to set rules as for what areas your employees have access to on your Office 365.
    • Setting your own rules: for example, you can set a rule that says that a device must be managed by Office 365 in order for it to have access to certain data, you’ll be able to wipe information before you allow access to it, etc.

    How can you start using Office 365 MDM?

    1. Set up the correct DNS setting according to the device you are using.
    2. Go to Mobile Devices option in Office 365 Admin.
    3. Click on Get Started.
    4. Enable your Office 365 tenant. You may need to go through an authentication process, according to your device.
    5. Create your business’ Device Security Policy: by clicking on Manage Device Security Polices and access rules.
    6. This link will take you to the Compliance Center: click on Manage Device access settings.
    7. From here, you can choose to allow devices that don’t support MDM to enroll, or you can choose to block them, etc.

    If you already have Office 365 and would like to try this feature, it should be available in your Admin portal. If it isn’t there, it will be coming soon, as it is currently rolling out. It may take a few weeks until the tool is available for all users. However, if you have any questions about your capabilities, please reach the MessageOps team to learn about all your options and other capabilities you may have access for your business with Office 365 MDM.


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