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    Office 365 Pricing: Comparing Cost Isn’t a Matter of Numbers Anymore

    Office 365 Pricing: Comparing Cost Isn’t a Matter of Numbers Anymore on messageops.com

    Everything you need to know about the recent Office 365 pricing changes

    While you may not have realized it yet, Microsoft’s Cloud Service Provider Program has brought big changes to Office 365 pricing. In the past, Office 365 cost the exact same amount regardless of where you purchased it. When it came to support, you usually had to work with Microsoft directly as opposed to a partner like MessageOps. Now, the entire market for Office 365 has changed. Microsoft is no longer dictating the price and partners like MessageOps will now be providing first and second level tech support calls.

    Why it matters

    In the upcoming months you’ll likely hear from a lot of Office 365 partners about their pricing changes. Some partners like GoDaddy are simply slashing prices, but buyer beware. You’ll want to look at the following if you are looking to switch providers or are just interested in learning more about Office 365 pricing.

      1. Renewal Rates

    Some companies may tease you with low introductory rates only to renew your service at a much higher rate. If you’re looking at different providers be sure to ask how long the advertised rate will be in effect.

      2. Support

    Basic support for Office 365 is shifting from Microsoft to their partners. This means that the company you choose will also be providing at least basic tech support when you have problems. If the company you choose is not responsive, you may wish you had paid a bit more for a company focused on rock solid customer support.

      3. Migration Assistance

    Switching to Office 365 is pretty straightforward, but the migration process is not. When you choose to work with an Office 365 partner, make sure that they offer ample support during the migration process. Migrating large numbers of email accounts can take significant time and there are almost always issues that pop up during the process that need to be handled as quickly as possible to prevent negative impact on your business.

      4. Value Added Services

    Companies that are attempting to offer Office 365 at the absolute lowest price are not likely to offer any value beyond the basics. In fact, you’ll likely be left mostly on your own when it comes to migrating to Office 365 and ensuring that your team is ready to use the new system. By partnering with a provider like MessageOps, you not only get competitive Office 365 pricing, you also have access to a slew of other value added services focused on making the transition to Office 365 as easy and seamless as possible. A few of these value added services include:

    • Answer Finder for Office 365: An easy to use Outlook plugin that allows your users to find answers to common Office 365 questions as opposed to bogging down your help desk personnel.
    • My365 for Office 365: With the My365 tool your team can easily customize and setup a variety of Office 365 components to fit their unique needs.
    • Office 365 Password Synchronization Tool: One of the common complaints about Office 365 is that users had to have a separate password from their Active Directory account. With the MessageOps Office 365 Password Synchronization tool you can ensure your users passwords are always synchronized across Office 365 and Active Directory.

    Look beyond pricing when shopping for Office 365

    While it may be easy to look at price alone when making the choice of who to partner with for your Office 365 migration, this decision could be short sighted. With Microsoft drastically changing their pricing agreement with partners, it’s more important than ever to choose a company that offers a high level of support, added business value and competitive pricing.

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