MessageOps Office 365 PST Importer – User Edition, allows end users to easily upload data stored in PST files on the local PC’s to their Office 365 mailbox or Archive.  The application has the following features:

  • Address Rewriting.  Messages imported from the PST are reply-able once they have been copied to Office 365.
  • Resume and Duplicate Detection.  If the transfer is interrupted, the application will quickly pick up where it left off, without creating duplicates.
  • Ability to import PST data into the user’s mailbox or archive.

Anyone who has tried to use Outlook to import their data into the Office 365 archive knows it’s a slow, error prone, process.  With MessageOps PST importer, the import happens in the background allowing the user to continue using Outlook while the import is taking place.  You can also queue up multiple PST files for import.

At this time MessageOps PST importer is only available to MessageOps clients.

Stayed tuned for more Office 365 PST Tools from MessageOps!

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