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    Sequoia benefits your entire team

    Sequoia benefits your entire team

    • IT Leaders

      IT Leaders

      Become an IT hero and deliver modern, pre-built SharePoint tools that make your teams more effective and productive. Executives will salute you for leveraging your Office 365 investment and getting these tools up and running in weeks, not months.


    • HR Leaders

      HR Leaders

      Human Resources manages the hiring, training, employee satisfaction and productivity of personnel. Sequoia enables HR to improve employee engagement and collaboration with cool features like employee birthdays, anniversaries, and shout-outs. You can also create a hub for employee resources, create workflows for on-boarding and off-boarding employees, and deliver a fun and effective training platform.


    • Communications & Marketing Leaders

      Communications & Marketing Leaders

      There can never be enough communication in the workplace. Sequoia elevates your communications and marketing. Marketing assets and social media communications are stored in one place, allowing you to promote upcoming events and create custom workflows quickly and easily.


    • Sales Leaders

      Sales Leaders

      Let’s face it: Sales needs to focus on sales! Sequoia allows your sales team to create better relationships and improve customer retention. With easy access to marketing brochures and sales collateral, fulfilling requests for more information has never been easier. Your sales team can also send helpful deadline reminders and notifications when it looks like customers will go over your agreed-upon budgets. With a more accurate view of your company’s contract position, you’ll never miss another sales opportunity!

    Choose just what you need or get the full suite

    See the forest, the trees, and every important business insight on Sequoia. Your subscription includes any two of these powerful tools—your choice. Add additional applications based on your needs.

    • Your Company’s SharePoint Intranet Portal

      Your Company’s SharePoint Intranet Portal

      Centralize all important company information and apps within your Office 365 environment. ROOT is a feature-rich intranet portal that eliminates the complexity, cost, and risk associated with custom-built solutions. Finally, you have an intranet portal that engages instead of antagonizes your team, facilitating communication, collaboration, and innovation.

    • Your SharePoint Contract and Asset Management System

      Your SharePoint Contract and Asset Management System

      Leverage your Office 365 investment with VINE, a single solution for tracking everything that is your company—from equipment warranties to lease agreements. Streamline contract management and track subscription renewals. VINE increases the accessibility of your contracts across the entire organization and is ready to manage your resources right out of the box.

    • Your Gamified SharePoint Learning Management System

      Your Gamified SharePoint Learning Management System

      Fact: Gamification increases engagement and knowledge retention. CROWN helps you take this powerful approach and apply it to employee buy-in with challenging missions and meaningful rewards. Easily train new and existing employees. Confidently deliver compliance and regulatory training. Rev up sales training and close ratios. CROWN puts enjoyment back into on-the-job.

    • Your Onboarding And Department Workflow Platform

      Your Onboarding And Department Workflow Platform

      BRANCH leverages your Office 365 / SharePoint online investment, so there is no need to acquire a net new platform. Also, like our other SharePoint offerings, BRANCH is tied into your Active Directory, so there is no need to remember passwords for different employee onboarding / offboarding systems.

    What you get when you choose MessageOps

    You don’t have to wait weeks, months, or years to unleash the full value of your Office 365 investment. Our intelligently built, intuitively designed SharePoint business applications are cloud-based and run right in Office 365. Everything you need to automate and improve your business processes can be set up and working for you in a matter of days.

    • sharepoint, sharepoint online, sharepoint templatesA better experience

      Expand Office 365 SharePoint’s out-of-the-box capabilities for quick, lasting productivity gains

    • sharepoint, sharepoint online, sharepoint templatesResponsive support

      When you have questions, you need answers. We’ll never let you walk away without one.

    • sharepoint, sharepoint online, sharepoint templatesStreamlined processes

      Process automation lets your team focus on the value-driven work that adds to your bottom line.

    • sharepoint, sharepoint online, sharepoint templatesA happier, more productive workforce

      Instead of working for their tools, your employees will have tools that work for them.

    • sharepoint, sharepoint online, sharepoint templatesFast and painless setup

      Eliminate the cost and complexity of other solutions with pre-built, feature-rich applications.

    • sharepoint, sharepoint online, sharepoint templatesFreedom to move

      All of our applications are fully responsive and can be accessed from anywhere on any device.

    • sharepoint, sharepoint online, sharepoint templatesProductivity

      Eliminate unnecessary steps and condense information into one easily accessible resource.

    • sharepoint, sharepoint online, sharepoint templatesCollaboration

      Employees will easily be able to communicate and collaborate regardless of their location.

    • sharepoint, sharepoint online, sharepoint templatesImprove Communication

      You’ll be fostering the creation of an Intranet platform that can serve as the central heartbeat of your company.


    • sharepoint, sharepoint online, sharepoint templatesCustomization

      MessageOps can customize any of the SharePoint solutions to meet your needs.

    Sequoia Pricing

    All subscriptions require a one-time charge of $1200 for deployment and training. Your monthly subscription includes any two products of your choice. Each additional product added to your subscription costs extra per month. Get Sequoia SharePoint offerings for FREE by making Champion Solutions Group / MessageOps your Microsoft CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) partnerCall 877-788-1617 for more information.


    Pricing is determined by the number of users

    One-time fee

    This covers the cost of our speedy deployment services and company-wide training

    Cost per month

    Includes any 2 products! Additional products can be added for an extra fee. FREE through the microsoft csp program.

    1 to 25$1200$25 / mo
    26-75$1200$75 / mo
    76-150$1200$150 / mo
    151-250$1200$250 / mo
    251-500$1200$500 / mo
    501-1000$1200$1,000 / mo
    1,000+$1200$1,250 / mo

    Your subscription is always backed by MessageOps unparalleled support

    • Configuration support, troubleshooting, and issue resolution Configuration support, troubleshooting, and issue resolution
    • Administration, permission management, and site provisioning Administration, permission management, and site provisioning
    • Workflows, branding customization, advanced administration Workflows, branding customization, advanced administration
    • Company-wide training on the use of the tools included in your packageCompany-wide training on the use of the tools included in your package
    • Department head training Department head training
    • Delve profile setup Delve profile setup
    • List and library creation List and library creation

    All subscriptions include an additional two hours of support per month in 15 minute increments. This only applies to the two Sequoia products included in your subscription, including customization requests. Accrued time does not rollover.

    Speak to a SharePoint specialist now

    Activate your subscription, ask a question, get pricing details and more when you connect with a MessageOps Sequoia specialist.