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    Office 365 Video New to O365!

    Office 365 Video New to O365! on messageops.com

    Microsoft continues to add value to Office 365 with the latest addition: Office 365 Video.

    Microsoft continues to add value to Office 365 with updates and new services released almost monthly. As of late, Microsoft announced that Office 365 Video will now be fully integrated into Office 365. This gives users an extremely versatile tool to manage all of their video content needs.

    What is Office 365 Video

    Office 365 Video is a single tool that allows for uploading, play back, and sharing of videos anywhere on your company’s intranet.

    New features in Office 365 Video

    While Office 365 Video has been in the works for quite some time, there are a variety of new features that are sure to be welcomed by most users.

    Enhanced viewer analytics

    Office 365 Video features new video viewer statistics that allow people to see how their videos are actually being viewed showing spikes in traffic when videos are shared with Yammer and email as well as discovered from within Office Delve.

    Improved upload experience

    Users now have a much more centralized way to upload videos. Simply click on the Upload button located in the top left navigation menu and select the channel where you want your videos to be uploaded to.

    Easily share on SharePoint

    Whether you’re looking to share on a SharePoint team site or page, simply embed your video directly into your SharePoint Online team site or page. You’ll now see an Office 365 Video option on the Insert ribbon tab within your SharePoint portal where you can easily insert videos directly into your existing content.

    Improved management controls

    • Offline viewing – Office 365 Video now offers new functionality for offline viewing. You can now have the ability to download a video file to your local machine for viewing offline, or to show in a location where you may not have Internet access. Channel admins are able to determine who has the ability to download videos for offline viewing.
    • Yammer settings by channel – Channel owners that are using Yammer can now control whether or not video comments are allowed.
    • Restore Recycling bin items – Admins also now have the ability to restore deleted videos for up to 90 days after they have been deleted.

    Frequently asked questions related to Office 365 Video

    When will these features appear within my organization’s Office 365 account?

    Most of these features have already been rolled out to applicable users.

    Which Office 365 plans include Office 365 Video?

    Office 365 Video can be used in the following plans:

    • Office 365 E1
    • Office E3
    • Office E4
    • Office E5
    • All corresponding Academic and Government plans

    What Office 365 workloads do I need to use Office 365 Video?

    Office 365 Video requires SharePoint online, but will automatically be enabled for organizations that have an eligible plan and also have a valid SharePoint Online license.

    Interested in learning more about Office 365 Video?

    We hope you’re as excited about Office 365 Video as we are. If you have any questions about this new tool, don’t hesitate to contact the Office 365 experts at MessageOps today. We’d love to give you a hand-on tour of the versatility of this latest addition to Office 365.

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