OneDrive App Gets New Updates for iOS Devices

OneDrive App Gets New Updates for iOS Devices on

If you’re an avid iOS and OneDrive user, don’t miss out on some of the latest updates to the iOS app.

OneDrive allows Office 365 users to easily store, catalog and share files of all types. Whether you are an avid Office 365 user or new to the world of file sharing, you’ll find that this incredibly versatile tool is a powerful key component of the Office 365 platform.

Why choose OneDrive for your file sharing needs?

OneDrive offers Office 365 users an easy way to access and share files with colleagues as well as external parties outside of an organization. If you’re not leveraging the power of the cloud to store and share files, you’re missing out on a number of massive benefits including:

• Redundancy – When you store files in the cloud, you can rely on Microsoft’s robust set of servers located around the world that will securely store all your most important data.

• Easily share data with others – Whether you’re looking to share files with colleagues or external parties, OneDrive makes it a reality.

• Apps for mobile devices – OneDrive offers easy-to-use mobile apps for Android and iOS devices so you can seamlessly access and share important files even when you’re away from your computer.

• Access your files from anywhere – Whether you need to access your files from your computer, a mobile device, or web browser while on the go, OneDrive has you covered.

• Synchronize data with your local computer – Thanks to the OneDrive app for your Mac or PC, you can easily access all your files on your computer. After downloading the file sharing client for your computer, you’ll be able to access your OneDrive files in the same way that you access all of your locally stored files.

New features of OneDrive app for iOS devices

To improve support for all major platforms, including Windows, Android and iOS devices, Microsoft has recently released a slew of new features to their OneDrive app for iOS devices. Below are just a few of the new features in this update.

• iMessage support – iOS users can now open OneDrive files from directly within an iMessage, as well as easily share OneDrive files with others.

• Multi-page scan – With the updated OneDrive for iOS app, users can easily scan multi-page documents.

• Personalized views – Click on the “Discover” tab in the updated version of the OneDrive app for iOS and see files that you may be interested in based on the files you’ve been working on recently.

• Offline access – Certain folders marked as ‘offline’ will now be accessible even from your mobile device.

Be sure to check out the OneDrive app for iOS devices

If you’re using an iOS device and haven’t downloaded the latest OneDrive app, you’re likely missing out. The Office 365 experts at MessageOps can show you how to harness the power of OneDrive on all your team’s devices. Request a demo today to see what we can do for you.