One of the more interesting tickets I have received this month was a series of user’s setup with an Office 365 ProPlus license, but their OneDrive only showed a storage quota of 2 GB. The ProPlus license provides the users OneDrive for Business which has a 1 TB storage quota; so why certain users were correct, and others were not was baffling to the client.

To determine the solution, we had to look at the differences between the users with the correct quota, and the user’s whose quota reflected OneDrive Basic. The issue soon became clear, but no less interesting. The users who had a 2 GB storage quota all had a Visio Online Plan 2 license. Diving into this Visio license showed a sub-license for OneDrive for Business Basic. Somehow this sub-license for OneDrive for Business Basic was superseding the OneDrive for Business license under ProPlus. By disabling the sub-license for OneDrive for Business Basic, the quota defaulted back to 1 TB after a few minutes of replication.

We have an open inquiry with the Microsoft Product Support team who is looking into why this behavior occurs. Currently as of posting this, there is no other fix, but Microsoft will continue to look into a backend workaround so disabling the license is not necessary.

product licenses screenshot

If you would like to push the storage quota change immediately, you can use the following PowerShell scripts below: 

PowerShell SharePoint Module Login: 

Connect-SPOService -URL -credential [email protected] 

Example:  Connect-SPOService -URL -credential [email protected] 

 PowerShell OneDrive Storage Quota Increase: 

Set-SPOSite -Identity -StorageQuota 1048576 

Example:  Set-SPOSite -Identity -StorageQuota 1048576 

Please just note that if the OneDrive for Business Basic license is still active, the script will work for a short time and eventually revert. That license must be disabled for it to permanently change to 1 TB. 

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