OneDrive in One Sitting Part, 1: Dealing with Last Minute Project Changes

OneDrive in One Sitting Part, 1 Dealing with Last Minute Project Changes on

How to handle and quickly execute changes on a time-sensitive work project

Welcome to OneDrive in One Sitting, the series where we tell brief stories about how to improve your workflow using this powerful file-sharing tool. Our goal is to showcase real-world scenarios where OneDrive can be used to improve communication, collaboration, and productivity among your team.

Scenario 1: Alterations in a jiffy

Your boss wants the proposal for a project that we’ll call, ‘Monster Project.’ You’ve finally completed it and stand ready to send it off, but you’re not sure how best to get the material to your superior.

What would you normally do when sending off last-minute updates on a project?

Well, you would typically just attach the updated project to an email in Outlook and send it to your boss.

What you’ve decided to do instead:

  • Open your OneDrive and create a new folder called “Monster Project.”
  • Save the file in this folder from the save prompt in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or whatever tool was used to create it, by dragging it to the folder in your browser, or by clicking upload, and going old school.
  • Once the file has been saved, share it and allow editing so that your coworkers can make any necessary changes.

Why use OneDrive instead of email?

Remember how you sent that file at 5 p.m. today? Well, it’s now 8 p.m., and you just remembered that the specifications were from your example test, and you need to update them with the production data.

No problem. Your file is not actually in the hands of your boss, it is comfy in its home on OneDrive. Simply edit the file, resave it, and by the time the document is opened tomorrow, it will be up-to-date and accurate.

How else can OneDrive be used?

Bosses aren’t the only people who need up-to-date information stored in the cloud. You can also leverage the power of OneDrive in other ways:

  • Keep all teammates on a specific project current, ensuring that everyone is always working consistently on the latest versions of all related files.
  • Allow complete transparency on projects with clients. Note: you may want to pay special attention when choosing which documents can be edited, and which files should be view-only, especially when external users are involved.

Interested in additional OneDrive resources related to uploading and sharing files?

If you still have questions about uploading documents to OneDrive, or simply want to know how to share a file, check out the following resources from Microsoft:

Stay tuned for more updates from our OneDrive in One Sitting series!

This is the first in a multi-part series from MessageOps that provides scenarios showing how organizations of all sizes can leverage the power of OneDrive to more efficiently accomplish their daily tasks. For more information about OneDrive for Business, don’t hesitate to reach out to us by phone at 877-788-1617 or through our online contact form.