OneDrive in One Sitting Part 3: Sharing Files to the Public via the Cloud

OneDrive in One Sitting Part 3 Sharing Files to the Public via the Cloud on

Interested in sharing files publically with OneDrive? Read on to learn more about this painless process

Welcome back to OneDrive in One Sitting, a multi-part blog series in which we profile scenarios where Office 365 users can utilize the immense flexibility of the many features that are built into OneDrive.

Scenario 3: Sharing files to the public via the Cloud and OneDrive

If you’ve been following our blog series, you’re likely familiar with our imaginary task that we’ve dubbed, “Monster Project.” And now that this project is finally in production and employee absences are being managed, it’s time to share some of your work with individuals outside of your company. Imagine you have a group of investors who are interested in “Monster Project.” How would you go about sharing information on all the work that your team has done up to this point?

Thankfully, with the features and flexibility of OneDrive, you can easily share all types of documents, including files, sales figures, charts, and much more with individuals outside of your company.

OneDrive allows you to prevent some of the mistakes you’ve commonly committed with previous projects, which likely included:

  • Digging through mountains of email, looking for the latest version of a proposal to hand off to an external investor.
  • Comparing multiple iterations of important files to ensure that you’re providing the latest version to external parties.
  • Emailing all of your colleagues to find out who worked on the project last, and has the most up-to-date version of the project files.

Now that you’re a bit wiser thanks to OneDrive, you’ll take a different approach:

  • You’ll first navigate to the folder for the project in question, and select the share option for any files that you’re looking to provide to external users.
  • When sharing this file, a shareable link will be instantly created that can be provided to any users outside of your organization.
  • imply email this link to anyone who needs access to any project details.

Why use this approach when sharing information?

Not only does OneDrive make sharing with external users extremely easy, it also allows you to share files with or without credentials. You can make documents available to anyone with an active link, or you can set credential access, which would require the user to have a Microsoft email address, whether from Office 365, Hotmail, Skype, or anything in between.

How else can public links from OneDrive be used?

OneDrive’s publicly-accessible links meet a wide array of use-case scenarios, a few of which we’ll explain below:

  • Easily collaborate with an external client on a certain project, allowing them to have edit or view-only access.
  • Should you decide that you no longer want to publicly share a file, you can easily revoke the privileges, rendering the link invalid.
  • With publicly-accessible links, you can publish a URL to a shared file on your website and make it available for anyone to access.

Interested in more information about sharing files publicly in OneDrive?

If you’re interested in learning more about best practices for sharing files in OneDrive, browse through this entry on Microsoft’s support pages, or reach out to the OneDrive experts at MessageOps today by phone at 877-788-1617 or through our online contact form.