OneDrive in One Sitting Part 4: Dealing with Sudden Employee Turnover

OneDrive in One Sitting Part 4 Dealing with Sudden Employee Turnover

Handling the loss of a worker and the implications that come with a sudden departure

Welcome to our blog series, OneDrive in One Sitting, where we identify common scenarios in the workplace and show how they’re handled more efficiently thanks to the versatility of OneDrive and Office 365.

Scenario 4: The Loss of an Employee

The worst has happened, professionally-speaking. For whatever reason, one of your coworkers who had access to all of your critical project files has left the company. Human Resources has a very complicated process in front of them. They have to determine exactly what happened and ensure that no trade secrets were stolen during the employee’s swift exit. While these high-level personnel issues don’t directly impact you, it’s important to know whether or not this now-former colleague still has access to any important project files, and if so, it needs to be revoked immediately.

How this type of scenario was handled in the past:

Before OneDrive, determining and revoking access to certain files by anyone outside of the IT Department was extremely difficult.

  • First you would have to locate the rogue employee’s computer, if at all possible.
  • Next you would have to make a request to IT for any project-related data that could exist on the machine. Your request likely fell in line behind all of the other departments that also were concerned about any fallout.
  • Next, you would have to wait for IT to get back with you about any relevant data.
  • Finally, you get resolution – only to realize that it was deleted by the user prior to departure.

With OneDrive, there is another way:

  • Once an employee leaves unexpectedly, IT can simply change the individual’s password and he or she will no longer have access to any company files.
  • In addition, as a project manager, you can login to manually revoke a former employee’s access from any project files that may be relevant.

The importance of data redundancy with OneDrive

What happens if the employee senses that they’re being forced out and intentionally deletes critical files? Well, thanks to OneDrive, this isn’t an issue either, because the platform offers historical redundancy by default. It means that all of the files that were previously deleted are still available, and can be easily recovered. Even if someone attempts to sabotage your project, you’re in the clear thanks to the wonders of cloud computing and OneDrive!

Get more information about redundancy with OneDrive for Business

If you’re looking for more information about historical redundancy with OneDrive for Business, check out this article from Microsoft that goes in-depth into this critical feature. Also, feel free to reach out to the Office 365 team at MessageOps at 877-788-1617 or through our online contact form. We’ll be happy to walk you through a scenario like this and show how Office 365 and OneDrive can make this process less painful than you might think.