Get rid of confusion surrounding which file is the latest thanks to built-in version control with OneDrive.

Most everyone in the corporate world has a memory of scrambling through various file versions to find that true “FINAL” version. This can be extremely frustrating when collaborating with a large number of colleagues. Too many of us have submitted a document that we thought was the final version, only to realize that a few changes never actually made their way into the document.

Microsoft OneDrive interface

There are a whole host of collaboration tools, many of which are integrated into Office 365, but they can still create version control problems, especially if several people are working on the same document. Microsoft has recognized this dilemma and is attempting to solve it thanks to version control built into OneDrive for Business and Office 365.

What is version control?

Version control is used extensively in the software development world and is essentially a system that tracks changes to a file or set of files over time, so that the user can always roll back to a previous version if necessary. This is extremely valuable in the software development setting, where a bug may be found in a certain version of software that requires developers to roll back to a previous version.

If you think of the lifecycle of a shared document, you’re likely aware of the multiple versions that are typically saved, but not necessarily tracked. Now that version control is built into Office 365 and OneDrive, you can save every version of a document you and your team is working on so that you can roll back to a previous version at any time.

Benefits of combining cloud storage with version control

Combining the flexibility of version control with the many benefits of cloud storage can really help you and your team boost productivity. Below are just a few of the benefits that OneDrive brings you thanks to the marriage of cloud storage and version control.

Access files from anywhere, on any device

Because OneDrive documents can be accessed from anywhere, on any device, you’ll no longer be stuck making changes while in the office. OneDrive has applications for iOS and Android devices to ensure you’ll always be able to get to the important documents that you’re working on at any given moment. In addition, all of your changes will be tracked in the cloud, and you’ll have the option to revert to a previous version if any issues arise.

Share files knowing you’re in control

Sharing files with outside contractors, individuals, and partners is frequently a requirement of doing business. When some companies look to share data with others, they often rely on free cloud offerings that typically aren’t as secure as your data needs may necessitate. With OneDrive for Business, security features like file encryption, HIPAA compliance and complete control over not only who can access your files, but whether they have edit rights or just read-only access.

Send large files with ease

Ever tried to send an email attachment only to get an error that the file was too large? This can be especially frustrating when you’re collaborating with outside vendors or contractors and have to share large files. With OneDrive there’s no need to email files back and forth any longer. Simply send a sharable link to coworkers, or outside vendors or contractors, and everyone will have access to the same data, regardless of file size.

Co-author files in real time

Rather than working on separate versions of the same document and worrying about which version is the latest, simply co-author a document or spreadsheet in real-time with OneDrive for Business. This way you can view or restore past revisions from anywhere, on any device. In addition, co-authoring supports built-in chat functionality so that you can collaborate in real time as changes as made.

Ready to give OneDrive for Business a spin?

If you’re ready to learn how you can save time and increase productivity within your organization with OneDrive for Business and Microsoft Office 365, the experts at MessageOps are here to help. We’ll be happy to share additional OneDrive tips & tricks that will have you collaborating with colleagues and outside contractors and vendors like a true pro!

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