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If you are an Office 365 user, OneDrive for business is included in most plans. MessageOps has worked with many organizations in developing their file sharing strategy. Users today want to be able to access any document from anywhere, on any device at any time. Until recently, the choices were BOX, Dropbox, Google Drive and a few others. But now that Microsoft’s file sharing has matured to a well-oiled machine, we have seen thousands of people move from these older platforms. Why are we seeing this migration? According to our clients, the main reasons are:

  • COST OF THIRD PARTY FILES SHARING PLATFORMS like Google Drive – Since it’s part of Office 365, why spend money on an outside platform?
  • SECURITY – Most of our clients are concerned about data leakage. Having company data residing in Shadow IT platforms like Dropbox is scary. Clients appreciate that they need to have better control of who has access to what and the ability to leverage Active Directory to manage permissions and credentials.
  • MANAGEMENT – Administrators we work with appreciate having a consolidated console to manage, including all of their Office communications and collaboration information and security.

Working with many of your peers, MessageOps has developed a group of services that will assist you and your company to get the most out of your Office 365 investment. We help you create a security framework that is flexible to meet the needs of your business units, but maintain enhanced corporate security standards that IT and compliance demand. We have developed real-world training scenarios that will have immediate and meaningful impact with your user community. We have a tremendous amount of experience migrating data from corporate file shares, and platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox to OneDrive, as well as developing backup solutions to meet the needs of your business.

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OneDrive Services

End-User training

Overview and how it will make their life easier

How to share files internally with other employees: The library is designed for unrestricted control by one person. The owner can keep all files private and choose to share specific files or folders to just one person, a group of people, or to everyone.

How to Share files with partners, vendors, or third parties: In Office 365, a user can easily share files with external guests simply by providing the party’s email address (if allowed by your corporate policy).

How to Work on documents offline: How to Work on documents offline. Using sync capabilities, users can work on a document while offline and save the file to a working folder on their local computer. When they are reconnected to the Internet, the updated file automatically syncs to their library in Office 365.

How to Use advanced features like versioning and archiving:

  • Versioning
  • Recycle Bin
  • Tagging
  • Co-authoring
  • Document preview
  • Simplified search

Admin Training

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Migration Services & Solutions

OneDrive Migration Services & Solutions

Whether you want to move on premise file shares to OneDrive or if you are moving from data from third party platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. we have you covered. We have a complete turnkey service to ensure that your data is migrated safely and completely. Our migrations include:

OneDrive ProvisioningProvisioning:
Provision OneDrive individually or en-masse through a simple to use GUI
Migrate Google Drives, Drop Box and local file share to OneDrive including documents, version histories, comments, metadata, content permissions and sharing options

  • Convert native Google documents, presentations, tables, drawings, version histories, and sharing settings to the appropriate Office/SharePoint formats
  • Sync SharePoint Document Libraries to OneDrive for Business
  • Backup

MessageOps can handle all cases of using OneDrive as a file back up target, or if you want to copy all of your files to another account for redundancy, we can assist you with that as well; or perhaps you are in interested in using it for archiving. No matter what you are considering, MessageOps can help you.

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Management Help & Consulting

If you need assistance with setting up policies or have questions about quotas or security, we can help. We can assist you with:

  1. Limiting file sync to domain joined PCs
  2. Auditing all actions taken against files
  3. Setting storage quotas
  4. Managing mobile devices
  5. Preventing unintentional sharing to “Everyone” or “All Users”
  6. Much more!

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