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    Open Source Options with Microsoft Azure

    Open Source Options with Microsoft Azure on messageops.com

    Learn how Microsoft Azure and open source software can be a match made in cloud heaven.

    When most people think of the Microsoft cloud, they likely assume that all servers running in the Azure ecosystem are powered by Microsoft Windows. This is actually completely untrue. Microsoft understands that in today’s cloud environments, it’s important to offer cross-platform support to ensure as many organizations as possible can quickly and seamlessly leverage the power and versatility of cloud computing.

    Microsoft is extremely inclusive of open source architectures under new leadership

    If you’re a Microsoft fan from years ago, you likely would find it difficult to believe that the Redmond computing giant embraces open source technologies such as Linux and Java. Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, who took the helm in 2014, has been a big proponent of open source technologies, and that philosophy has trickled down into all areas of the company.

    Open source options with Microsoft Azure

    One of the reasons why Microsoft Azure is quickly gaining in popularity after somewhat of a late start is due to their openness in terms of open source operating systems and developer tools. Below are just a few of the open source options you’ll have when using the Microsoft Azure platform.

    • Linux

    • PHP

    • Java

    Why is open source support so important?

    Support for open source technologies is a win for developers, organizations, and cloud providers alike for a wide variety of reasons, including:

    • Security – In the open source world, security is incredibly important. When a security issue is found, there are thousands of developers who can work together to quickly and effectively address any security vulnerabilities in open source software.

    • Cost savings – Cost is one of the key drivers of open source adoption across organizations. Between the cost of the software itself and ongoing support fees, proprietary software costs can add up quickly.

    • Access to large network of developers – Because open source technologies are used by so many organizations around the world, it can be relatively easy to find developers who are able to instantly work on your code base. If you’re using proprietary software, there may only be a few developers who are properly trained to work with these platforms, which often translates into higher development costs.

    • Easy customization – Because the source code for open source software is readily available, organizations can take this existing code and tweak it based on their needs. This allows users to utilize the benefits of open source software while still being able to customize the software to their needs.

    Interested in leveraging the power of Microsoft Azure and open source software?

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