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    Outlook’s Clutter feature being replaced with ‘Focused Inbox’

    focused inbox


    Microsoft recently announced a bunch of changes coming to Office 365, including a new feature called “Focused Inbox”, which will replace the Clutter feature in Outlook. One of the main issues with Clutter was the separate folder approach, which caused issues with some organizations. Focused Inbox takes a different approach to sort low-priority e-mails and makes it easier for you to stay on top of incoming email without having to visit another folder. Focused Inbox is currently being used by Android and iOS Outlook users.

    Focused Inbox uses a tab system, with “Focused” and “Other” tabs. Low-priority e-mails get placed in the Other location. In contrast, Clutter sends low-priority e-mails to a completely separate “Clutter” folder. As Focused Inbox rolls out, Microsoft will stop moving messages to the Clutter folder. Focused Inbox will be coming to all versions of Outlook to give you one consistent view of the important items in your inbox. It begins rolling out last week for users of the new Outlook.com and will soon start rolling out for Office 365 customers in their First Release program in early September.

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