Do you have a change management strategy that addresses the causes of resistance?

When you need to introduce new software to your company there is a good chance that you will meet a substantial amount of resistance from many of your employees and possibly even management and other shareholders. Sure, there will be some who are on board and ready to make the jump to a new system. However, most people get stuck in their ways. They feel comfortable with old tech that they’ve been using for years, and they don’t want to make a change that they feel will disrupt their job and way of doing things.

Change is important for a company that wants to evolve and grow though. You can’t let your employees dictate the software and hardware that you are using. If that were the case, people would probably still be using chisels and stone or papyrus to communicate! Change is essential, and in this article, we’ll be looking at the ways that you can help to overcome the resistance to change that you are experiencing in your company.

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