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Exchange Migrator 4.0 Version Now Available!

The MessageOps Office 365 Exchange Migration Tool gives administrators the ability to perform several types of mailbox migrations to and from Office 365.

Exchange Migrator 4.0 features

Version 4.0 is the latest release of Exchange Migrator, featuring a range of exciting new features to further optimize and improve your Office 365 migration:

  • Support for 32 and 64-bit Outlook 2016
  • Support for Windows 7, 8, and 10
  • Can easily switch license files (to make multiple tenants easier to use)
  • Improved speed for importing and exporting files
  • Supports 32-bit and 64 bit Windows OS (7, 8, and 10)
  • Can be used for bulk importing mailboxes into Office 365 and just as easily export PST files out of Office 365
  • Has built-in duplicate detection
  • Migrates all email, contacts, and calendar’s
  • On-premises Public Folder-to-Office 365 mailbox migration functionality
  • The MO license allows for the installation on multiple devices to distribute the upload process to increase the speed of the overall project
  • Easily set date filters

The supported Office 365 Exchange Migration scenarios are:

  • PST Import to Office 365 Mailbox
  • PST Export from Office 365 Mailboxes
  • On Premise Public Folder to Office 365 mailbox migration (not Office 365 Public Folders… we are working on that functionality)
  • On Premise Exchange mailbox to Office 365 mailbox migration

When migrating to Office 365, you can choose to have the data imported into the user’s mailbox or archive. When exporting, you can export the mailbox and archive. The MessageOps Office 365 Exchange Migration Tool connects to the local Exchange servers using MAPI, so there is no need to enable RPC over HTTP, which the native migration tools from Microsoft require.

Usage for Migration Tool

  • Importing PST Files to Office 365
  • Exporting Office 365 Mailboxes / On Premise Mailboxes to PST Files
  • Import – On Premise to Wave 15 Public Folders (BETA)
  • Migrating On Premise Exchange Mailboxes to Office 365
  • Exporting Public Folder to PST from OnPremise Exchange
  • Using the Built-in PowerShell Commands to Export and Import PST Files

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Exchange Migration Tool Requirements

  • Outlook 2016, Windows 10
  • PowerShell 2.0
  • The Office 365 Administrator account specified must have a mailbox
  • Office 365 Kiosk Mailboxes cannot be used as a target mailbox

If you’re experiencing issues with Exchange Migrator, check out our Exchange Migrator FAQs, which provide simple troubleshooting guidance. Alternatively, get in touch with us, and we can work through your problems together.

Exchange Migrator FAQ’s:

How to buy Exchange Migrator

If you make MessageOps your CSP partner, you’ll get access to Exchange Migrator and a whole range of other tools, completely for free. By doing this, you’ll purchase your Office 365 licenses through MessageOps, gaining access to tools, support, and services that together provide industry-leading value for any Office 365 investment.

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If you’d rather not make MessageOps your CSP partner, you can still get hold of the Office 365 Exchange migration tool. Licenses can be purchased on a one year subscription basis, with prices tiered by the total overall volume of mailboxes in the tenant/domain(s) you plan to utilize the software in (NOTE: not just the number of mailboxes you need to migrate/export).If you have an existing license for previous Exchange Migrator versions, you can download 4.0 and sign in with your existing license.

  • 1-50 Mailboxes – $99
  • 51-100 Mailboxes – $150
  • 101-300 Mailboxes – $299
  • 301-500 Mailboxes – $450
  • 501-750 Mailboxes – $625
  • 751-1000 Mailboxes – $750
  • 1001-5000 Mailboxes – $1,499
  • 5001+ Mailboxes – $2,999

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