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MessageOps Office 365 PST Importer Tool allows end users to easily upload .pst file data stored on local PCs to their Office 365 mailbox or archive. The application has the following features:

  • Messages imported into Office 365 from the .pst file can be replied to once they have been moved to Office 365
  • Resume and duplicate detection. If the file transfer is interrupted, the application will quickly pick up where it left off, without creating duplicates
  • Import .pst data into the user’s mailbox or archive
  • Select which files are imported

Running the application is easy; the user simply inputs their Office 365 username and password, selects the .pst files they want to import, and clicks the ‘start import’ button.

pst import tool

Please note: If using Office /Outlook 2016, in order to compensate for changes, select DirectDiscover as opposed to MAPI and EWS as shown in the first screen shot of Configuration Guide.


The best way to get hold of the PST Importer tool is to select MessageOps as your CSP partner. By purchasing your Office 365 licenses through MessageOps, you get access to a whole suite of value-adding services, solutions, and tools that can maximize the value of your cloud investment. This includes the value-adding potential of Inscape, as well as the PST Importer Tool, available here. Get started to register us as your CSP partner today.Alternatively, you can purchase the PST importer as a stand-alone application. Pricing is for a 1 year license and select the pricing tier reflecting your total overall volume of mailboxes in O365 tenant (NOTE: not just the number of PSTs you need to import). 

Pricing tiers

$99 – 1-50 mailboxes$199 – 51-100 mailboxes$299 – 101-500 mailboxes$499 – 501+ mailboxes

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