Ensure you’re asking the right questions when it comes to the rollout of a corporate intranet.

At MessageOps, we’re often asked by our clients when is the right time to implement a corporate intranet? As we’ve seen when many of our customers implement our SharePoint intranet portal, the answer depends largely on the intricate details of how each company is managed.

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How to decide whether a corporate intranet is necessary?

If you’re unsure of whether a corporate intranet would be beneficial for your organization, here are some questions that we often ask new customers who are looking at leveraging the power of a SharePoint-powered intranet.

How will the intranet platform tie into your existing organization and technological footprint?

It’s important to consider how a corporate intranet will intertwine with existing business tools that you’re currently using. Will this platform reside on Office 365, or will it be a completely separate platform? We’ve found that you’ll have more success with user adoption if you can tie your intranet into an existing technological infrastructure.

What is your vision of a corporate intranet?

Another key item to consider is future-proofing your intranet platform. If you spend significant resources to develop a fully customized solution, you’ll likely have to deal with constant modifications down the road as technologies change. By leveraging the power of a constantly evolving cloud-computing platform like Office 365, you can ensure that your intranet will be technologically relevant now and in the future.

What is your primary goal with a corporate intranet?

What are you trying to accomplish with a corporate intranet? Be sure to identify the concrete goals that you have when it comes to rolling out a corporate intranet so you can tell if the project will be a success or if you need to go back to the drawing board. Common goals we see when working with our SharePoint clients include:

  • Improving communication throughout a company
  • Consolidation of departments and procedures
  • Improved mechanisms for active collaboration between and within different areas of a company
  • The need to create a central hub that can grow with an organization

How much control will you have over your intranet?

What sort of control will you have If you hire an outside consultant to deploy a proprietary intranet solution for your company? What happens if your company’s structure changes and you need to completely modify how your intranet is setup? Will you have to hire an outside consultant each time you need to make small changes to your corporate intranet?

With a cloud based Intranet solution, you have total control over your SharePoint intranet portal and can make changes any time you see fit. This versatility helps you to ensure your corporate intranet will meet your needs now as well as long into the future.

Learn more about the MessageOps SharePoint Intranet portal

If you’re in the initial planning stages of implementing a corporate intranet at your organization, the MessageOps team can help. We’ve worked with countless companies of all sizes to leverage the power of Office 365 and SharePoint and develop turnkey cloud-based intranet solutions that are infinitely scalable. Take a tour of our intranet platform today, or give us a call to request a demo with one of our experienced team members.

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