With remote work on the rise, monitoring work-from-home activity is essential. Get deeper insights into your team’s Office 365 usage with 365 Productivity Insights.

Are you managing teams remotely? If so, soon management will be asking for reports to demonstrate the productivity of the individuals that are working from home.  Are you prepared to produce these reports to assist your company in this time of transition?  It’s important to use all available resources to monitor productivity.

Microsoft Office 365 provides a host of tools that make it easier for teams to work remotely. But how do you know for sure your team is productive? MessageOps developed a complimentary tool, 365 Productivity Insights, which rolls up usage information into an easy to view dashboard.

Microsoft Teams usage

The tools in Office 365 can help you and your team stay connected via chat and video. Microsoft Teams makes it easy to hold regular team meetings and improves collaboration and communication between team members.

With 365 Productivity Insights, you can monitor Microsoft Teams usage. Our dashboard allows you to see:

  • # of Teams calls
  • # of Teams chats
  • # of private chats
  • # of meetings

You can look even deeper to see who is participating in these meetings at the department or individual level. Having this at-a-glance dashboard lets you know who is going above and beyond and who might need additional training in their new office setting.

Outlook and email activity


Email is still the go-to for communication, although in some cases we have seen Teams outpace Outlook, especially with the shift to remote work. With 365 Productivity Insights, you will be able to view email usage at the company, department, and individual level.

The dashboard shows you who is using their Outlook email and the date of the last activity from each inbox, along with the:

  • # of emails sent
  • # of emails received
  • # of emails read

If there is no activity, you will be able to dig in deeper to determine if the email license is going unused or if there is simply no email activity from that user.

Reporting with 365 Productivity Insights

365 Productivity Insights advanced reporting and analytics takes visibility even further, providing all the information you need to identify each employee’s level of engagement and effectiveness. At the company-wide level, you can see:

  • Trended Mail Traffic Summary for the whole company
  • Trended Microsoft Teams summary for the whole company
  • At glance reports of which productivity Tools are being Used vs. others

That data is collected without disrupting your employees’ workflow. Simple dashboards provide these reports so you can review the insights right way and see how they change each day.

Once you have started monitoring your teams’ productivity and usage, you will be able to identify potential training opportunities to support your team as they continue to work from home.

Sign in with Microsoft 365 and take the first step to quickly and easily getting remote worker productivity metrics.

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