OWA Calendar tools allow us to go further than simply self-time tracking.

The Outlook Web App (OWA) Calendar, continues to evolve bringing advanced options to use in so many levels. The following videos, which you may also find in our YouTube channel, discuss some of the options you may not be aware we have available.

1. Using Categories in OWA calendar

You may identify events in your calendar by colors. You can indicate with different colors whether an event is work related, personal, urgent, or even a doctor visit.

  • Simply use the left click over your events, and assign the proper color previously set. This way you’ll be able to see at a glance what it important for you this week.

2. Sharing your calendar with team members from OWA

Sometimes you may want to share some items with your team members in order for them have access to your activities and times when you may not be at the office.

  • Simply use the left click over your calendar and choose the option share.
  • You may then select with whom you would like to share your calendar.
  • Lastly you may choose what type of events they can see, and whether they can make changes to these events, or add more on your behalf.

3. Sending a meeting request from OWA

In the case where you want to have a few members of your team attend a meeting:

  • Go to the meeting/event item on your calendar and double click
  • Choose to edit the appointment
  • On the line for Members, click the plus sign to add the members you want to invite.
  • You may, as usual, set a time, reminders, etc.
  • Thereafter, you may choose to have an event confirmation come to their inbox.

For more information on these and other tools, contact us or to view other Quick Lessons Video Series on OWA subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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