MessageOps was recently the focus of an article in Channelnomics, The Business of Technology titled “MessageOps Solves Office 365 Profit Riddle”. For those of you who are resellers or managed service providers for Office 365, this article provides some great insight on how to make money with this popular Microsoft product.

Here are some highlights

  • Microsoft released Office 365 for general sale and administration by all qualified partners so solution providers of all stripes can sell, support and bill for Microsoft’s primary cloud service.
  • Unfortunately, solution providers say they can’t make money off Microsoft cloud products because the margins are too low. Microsoft restricts Office 365 margins to 18 percent in the first year and 6 percent for each successive year of the contract.
  • While Microsoft has said that partners need to add value with additional professional services, solution providers don’t know how to add value when the product is essentially self-service.

This is where MessageOps comes in.

MessageOps developed 365 Command, the first easy-to-use, web-based portal that makes it simple and efficient for anyone to perform common Office 365 administrative tasks without complicated scripting.

365 Command

  • Resides on the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure
  • Makes easy work of migrating legacy Microsoft Exchange accounts from on-premises infrastructure to cloud services.
  • Provides a means for ongoing management of Office 365 e-mail accounts, allowing solution providers to keep a hand in the Microsoft cloud equation.

Chris Pyle with MessageOps says:

Office 365 administration typically requires specialized skills and the use of time-consuming and complicated scripting. 365 Command offers point-and-click ease that makes Office 365 administration as simple as navigating any common website to perform routine tasks quickly and eliminate programming errors. Help desk staff can say goodbye to PowerShell scripts and now generating graphic-rich reports takes just a few clicks.

So how does this help solution providers make money with Office 365?

  • 365 Command creates a real value-add opportunity for the channel.
  • End users are not looking to simply move their e-mail off a server and into the cloud; they want management and support.
  • Through 365 Command, solution providers can deliver full e-mail services, from provisioning to fine-tuning account access and enabling security and privacy controls.
  • The console even provides reporting capabilities for subscribers to understand their e-mail utilization and user distribution.

The only way you’re going to make money is if you add value.

Pyle says.

365 Command has been on the market for a few months. Since the beginning of the year, Champion – which uses the tool it created – has expanded its number of mailboxes under management from 250,000 to 535,000 in more than 100 end-user organizations. MessageOps is making 365 Command available to other solution providers, giving them between 20 percent and 30 percent off list price.

Think you can’t make money selling Microsoft Corp.’s Office 365? Think again.

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About 365 Command

Powered by MessageOps, the Microsoft Cloud experts and a Microsoft Partner of Record, 365 Command offers a feature-rich, HTML5, web-based portal to easily administer Office 365. Scalable to support a virtually unlimited number of mailboxes, 365 Command provides anywhere, anytime access to perform the most common admin tasks with a simple point-and-click interface that’s easy enough for even a novice to use. MessageOps is a privately held company headquartered in Boca Raton, Fla.

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