How to navigate the many options for digital storage

Saving digital files used to be so easy – just hit “Control-S”, and “Bam!” – your spreadsheet was saved. If you wanted to take the file with you, you burned it onto a CD, and you were off. But the modern world of mobile computing has made preserving digital files more complicated. The sheer number and variety of devices that contain your digital content make it challenging to share and access your content, not to mention keep it secure.

Companies and their employees create, store and use digital content on countless devices that can share files either wirelessly, or via removable storage media, so passing files and photos between devices has become incredibly easy. On a personal level, the biggest issue this has created is trying to figure out where that cute picture of your dog is, but at a business level, the decisions on how and where to access, store, backup and protect all that data have never been more complex.