An instructive guide to cloud financial management

Cloud computing has changed the business landscape. It enables better innovation, more flexibility, and an attractive pricing model for businesses of all sizes. However, if organizations are not careful, they can quite easily go over budget and suddenly find that their cloud spend is spiraling out of control.

What’s more, centralized IT purchasing, as we know it, is gone. In the world of SaaS solutions, departments and teams within an organization are able to add and remove licenses without RFPs, POs, or interacting with purchasing departments. The cloud marketplace complicates this picture further, as organizations will need to manage bills from multiple cloud vendors. This means that budgeting and cost tracking across an organization’s cloud spend is nowhere near as easy as it should be.In this whitepaper, we will outline why you should implement FinOps at your organization, and then highlight the benefits of teaming up with a cloud partner to provide the added value, IP, and expertise to ensure you’re 100% in control of cloud spend.