How much more does Office 365 truly price above the Office 365 plan itself? The answer is revealed from a survey of IT professionals who assessed the time spent managing the platform. How do you compare?

Generally speaking, time spent managing Office 365 increases as the number of users in an organization increases. But there are exceptions. Would it surprise you to learn that the smallest organizations spend double the average monthly hours on billing and invoice reconciliation compared to organizations that are five times their size? This is only one of the unique insights MessageOps learned from our recent survey of Office 365 administrators.

Office 365 is a price-effective program that gives organizations access to a suite of productivity and collaboration tools while enabling them to more easily maintain compliance and security standards. It also transforms large capital expenditures to an easily scalable Subscription as a Service (SaaS) line item.

MessageOps conducted a survey of 101 Office 365 Administrators to gauge how much time is spent on a range of Office 365 functions and give organizations an idea of how they compare to their peers when managing this environment. Respondent organizations ranged from 1-50 to 501+ Office 365 users.

Discover the key findings and recommendations based on the survey results.