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    Revamped Office 365 App Launcher for the Web Coming Soon

    Microsoft is ditching the current tiled interface for a new, simplified menu

    Office 365 App launcher

    Our friends at Microsoft are getting ready to roll out the revamped Office 365 app launcher for Office 365 on the web. Changes made were based on feedback from you, Office 365 users. Hence, they are scraping the tiled interface we currently see, in favor of a more compact style that should be easier to navigate.

    The new look and feel Office 365 App Launcher

    The overhauled office 365 app launcher for the web, is composed of two main sections: Apps and Documents.

    Apps will show your most used apps in Office 365 and, any apps chosen based on user types (ie. students and teachers). If you want to access all apps, you can do so by clicking the “All Apps” section, which can be searched via the dedicated search bar.

    Similar to that, the Documents section will show the most recent Office 365 documents you had worked on and, if you click “Show More”, it will navigate you to Office.com to see all of your recent documents.

    Please watch this video to learn more about this. It’s part of the first release program and, Microsoft will roll it out to all users in the following months.

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