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    Review These Helpful New Admin Updates to Office 365

    Review These Helpful New Admin Updates to Office 365 on messageops.com

    A slew of new enhancements are designed to make life easier for administrators

    If you’re a Microsoft Office 365 Admin, you’ve probably been spending a bit of time looking over the new admin center. If you need a quick refresh, zoom over to this 4-minute video. And if the new admin center is not your default experience yet, you can directly log in to the portal.

    Bottom line: Microsoft has made it faster and more efficient to be an Admin, thanks to improved search ability, usage reports, and user list management functionality. How did they decide which enhancements to make? Microsoft gets daily feedback from users, and they responded to this input with the helpful upgrades you see today.


    Microsoft wants Admins to love their special place, but they also understand it if you don’t want to spend a lot of time there. That’s why they added the enhancement of moving your most frequent tasks to the dashboard. You can manage your people, your software, and your cloud services in one central place.

    You won’t even have to leave the dashboard for many tasks. Here are the big spotlights:

    • Reporting – Look for new reports that give you insight on workloads at the user level. Who in your organization is using Office 365? Now you can create detailed usage reports. Look for further upgrades that will provide a deeper look at OneDrive, SharePoint, Yammer, and Skype for Business activity.
    • Search – Microsoft added a new search bar at the top of the admin center to get you to the features you want to use. Use the search bar to find users and groups, or to look up user details and make edits. This is a powerful tool. Just start typing. Microsoft will search through all the data in your organization to return relevant matches.
    • Service Health – Are users grumbling about sluggish performance? Head here to see the status of the services you’re using. Microsoft will tell you about any problems you should know about.
    • Message Center – If you want to know what’s coming up next, head to this section of the new admin center. Microsoft uses this area to make announcements about upgrades and enhancements.
    • Discover and Learn – What can you and your organization do with Office 365? This section is a collection of videos that educate you on the functionality of the platform.
    • Reports – This last section might be where you spend most of your time. It’s a convenient place to see how your organization uses email, the Office apps, activations, and more.

    Navigation tips

    The left side of your admin screen has been retooled. It’s now where you’ll find easier access to the tools you use most often. A single click expands the menu, displaying the most relevant functions. You’ll really appreciate how quickly you can get to the password reset feature.

    Microsoft has also made it easier for you to help with migrating your organization’s email from other services. If you’re recent Yahoo or Gmail users, this function will save you a lot of time.

    This new and simplified navigation strip gets you to everything you need as an Office 365 Admin. A lot of thought went into setting it up. Each primary navigation link expands to offer options that follow an intuitive path of services and assistance.

    Now available!

    If it’s your first time to the new admin center, Office 365 will greet you with a quick walkthrough. It’ll show you where things are and offer user tips. You’ll also be taken through all the steps to migrate to the new admin portal.

    During setup, you’ll be able to:

    • Take a detailed tour of what’s new and see how it works
    • See the new section for users
    • Look at billing

    The new admin center and reporting dashboard were recently rolled out to all Office 365 admins. You should now have it as your default experience, and if you don’t see it yet, head here.

    We all know that sometimes change is difficult. So if you’d rather go back to the previous admin center layout, just click on the offered option to do so. It’s possible you’ll prefer the previous version – but that’s doubtful. There are just too many new productivity tools waiting for you! Check out this video for a complete tour. It’ll take you less than 5 minutes.

    And if you have any other questions about the recent admin changes and you would to reach out to MessageOps directly, feel free to contact our team at 877-788-1617 or fill out our online contact form.

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