Learn how a SharePoint Intranet can pay huge dividends when it comes to saving time and boosting productivity among your employees, regardless of where they’re located.

If you’re currently investigating the idea of a corporate intranet powered by SharePoint, you’re likely trying to understand the benefits of this type of internal platform. Thankfully a SharePoint intranet can be installed and implemented quickly and should offer a number of ways to not only save time but also boost productivity.

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Below are just a few of the many ways organizations can save time using a corporate intranet.

Reduce the need for email

With more than 200 billion emails being sent every day, there’s little denying that everyone’s inbox is literally overflowing on a daily basis. Checking and managing email can be extremely time consuming, and a large percentage of these emails are internal between employees within a company. An intranet offers a centralized area where conversations can take place and where documents and information can be easily shared.

Centralize information and data

Gone are the days where everyone within a company was housed under one roof. Today, organizations have distributed workforces that may operate in different locations and even different time zones. This unique work environment can become challenging without some centralized platform that promotes solidarity across an entire company.

A SharePoint intranet offers an easy to use platform where all types of corporate information and data can be stored and shared. This way regardless of where or how your employees access the intranet, they’ll instantly have access to a wide array of information.

Promote corporate events with ease

Another benefit of an intranet is the ability to create and control an internal calendar where important company information can be displayed. Think about being able to track project deadlines, vacation schedules, holidays, and much more, all from within a centralized platform. Users can easily access and edit various events to ensure everyone within the company is on the same page as far as important company events.

Streamline employee onboarding

Onboarding new employees can be an incredibly time-consuming task for any growing organization. Too often employees don’t have time to properly train their new colleagues, which can leave new hires frustrated and isolated. With a corporate intranet, you can set up a scenario where all your training materials are available online to help new employees learn at their own pace and reduce the need for other employees to focus so much of their time on new employee training.

Easy to use and set up

With a Microsoft SharePoint intranet, setup is extremely fast and user-friendly. In addition, MessageOps offers a pre-built intranet portal powered by SharePoint that requires very little customization. This way you and your team can be up and running with a fully featured intranet in just a few hours, as opposed to investing massive amounts of time in a custom designed solution that may still not have the features or flexibility that’s available from SharePoint.

Streamline business processes

If you currently have all your business processes scattered across an array of locations, documents, and tools, you could be causing your employees to waste significant time trying to get things done efficiently. With a corporate intranet, you can have one repository where all your business processes can be stored and accessed. This way, when a certain process needs to be changed, it can be done so in one location so that you don’t have a scenario where you never really know what version of a document is the latest.

Ready to get started with a Microsoft SharePoint intranet to save time and boost productivity?

There are only so many hours in a day, right? Well, why not ensure that the time you’re spending on the job is the most efficient it can be for you and your employees? If you’re ready to look at ways to save time and boost productivity, talk to the experts at MessageOps about a corporate intranet platform powered by SharePoint and see how you can be on the road to a more streamlined and successful business.

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