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    Securing and Empowering your Organization with Azure Active Directory

    Azure Active Directory Demo

    Jason Milgram, MessageOps’ Director of Software Development and Azure MVP, recently discussed the key features of Azure Active Directory and provided a demo of the top services delivered with this offering to help new and current users utilize Azure AD. Watch this replay to see the 10 ways you can secure your company, while also improving productivity with Azure Active Directory.

    1.One Identity, 1000’s of Apps

    2.SSO using existing on premise credentials

    3.Securing remote access to on premise Apps (DMZ as-a-Service)

    4.Empower Employees

    5.Beyond Username and Passwords

    6.Secure privileged and shared accounts

    7.Advanced Security at Scale

    8.Conditional Access beyond location and user group

    9.Active Security Monitoring

    10.One Directory (B2E, B2C, B2B)

    Watch the on demand demo of Azure Active Directory:

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