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Security Benefits of SharePoint Online

Security Benefits of SharePoint Online on messageops.com

Use SharePoint Online to collaborate effectively while leveraging the security benefits of Office 365

If you’re looking for an internal portal to showcase important company information and foster collaboration across your entire company, you’ve likely looked into SharePoint Online. Thanks to Office 365, users no longer have to invest in an expensive server running an on-premises version of SharePoint. Instead, organizations can leverage the power of the cloud to use SharePoint Online to help connect employees both in the building as well as around the world.

As is the case with all of the most popular Office 365 apps, security is always of the utmost concern. Microsoft has invested billions of dollars into providing enterprise level cloud security for Office 365. SharePoint Online, in particular, has a number of key security features that will make sharing information with your team members efficient and safe.

How SharePoint Online Can Bolster Security for Your Organization

1.  DDoS Protection

If you currently are managing an internal server running an on-premises version of SharePoint, you may think that DDoS attacks are none of your concern. This is actually not necessarily the case, because what would happen if a successful attack took down other pieces of your infrastructure that share resources with any equipment running your on-premises version of SharePoint? The answer is likely that your intranet could be compromised, which could cause major problems for most organizations.

Microsoft manages one of the largest and most secure private networks across the entire globe. The scale of their network resources is unfathomable and unmatched, especially when it comes to organizations who are trying to manage their networking resources internally.

With Office 365 and SharePoint Online, you’ll have access to Microsoft’s robust security safeguards which include ECMP routing, firewalls, redundant worldwide data centers, and Microsoft’s own Azure DDoS detection systems that are powered by artificial intelligence.

2.  More Simplified Rights Management

While it’s possible to use Information Rights Management with on-premises SharePoint, the process can get quite complicated because it requires the use of the Active Directory Rights Management Service (AD RMS). Additionally, extra steps have to be completed for documents to be accessible from external users outside of the network.

SharePoint Online offers full integration with Azure Information Protection service, which requires minimal configuration before documents can be shared both internally as well as externally with anyone who has obtained a free Azure RMS for Individuals license.

3.  Access to Enterprise Mobility + Security suite

While SharePoint Online allows you to utilize Azure Active Directory by default to synchronize user and group objects from your on-premises Active Directory to the cloud, it may be worth looking into Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security Suite (EM+S), which is offered as an additional service over and above Office 365.

EM+S adds a variety of management security services including Conditional Access, which allows you to control a user’s group membership depending on their location and device. In addition, multi-factor authentication is also supported by EM+S.

Additionally, as is the case with most cloud-based security tools from Microsoft, the setup of these features within SharePoint Online is straightforward. This is much different than some of the complex security features with an on-premises version of SharePoint.

4.  AI and the Intelligent Security Graph

While the Intelligent Security Graph is a complex concept to grasp, you can think of it as a team of data scientists at Microsoft paired with cutting edge AI tools that have created an intrusion detection system that allows them to detect unauthorized access at any time. As new threats are identified and addressed, the entire Office 365 ecosystem is better protected.

The reality is that there’s simply no chance your existing IT security team could provide this level of oversight for your existing in-house tools like SharePoint on-premises.

5.  Better audit log accessibility

Thanks to Office 365, IT admins have access to a unified audit log, which can be searched through the Office Graph API, the web interface, or via PowerShell.

This unified audit log is far superior to auditing with an on-premises version of SharePoint, which only tracks ten event types. Office 365 tracks hundreds of different events, including those related to external sharing and offline synchronization.

Ready to Learn More About SharePoint Online?

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