Azure Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)

A Secure & Affordable Desktop as a Service

Log on and work to your maximum potential anywhere, anytime, from any device, with a cloud-based desktop subscription.

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By moving your Windows 7 workload to DaaS, you get an additional 3 years of support where as support for Windows 7 ends January 2020.


WVD drastically reduces costs and makes them more regular and manageable by transforming hardware and power consumption costs into a simple, ongoing subscription.


Say goodbye to significant up-front hardware and licensing costs every time you hire a new employee; the WVD subscription pricing model is designed to grow organically with your company.


WVD enables users to sign-in to their desktop from anywhere on any device. This makes remote working and bring your own device (BYOD) policies as easy as using a desktop computer.

Why Azure Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)

Until now, maintaining a cloud desktop has been a time-consuming and technical task. MessageOps simplifies the management process so you have the fastest possible access to your new cloud-based desktop.

Azure WVD lets you run Windows desktops and applications anywhere and on any device, scale quickly to meet changing business needs, and safeguard your sensitive corporate resources to maintain data compliance. We deliver a rich remote user experience similar to applications running on a local PC and best of all, our WVD offering is smart enough to scale resources intelligently so that you are not over-paying! Saving money and increasing efficiency has never been easier.

desktop as a service


Remove the security concerns posed by remote working and BYOD policies. With WVD, users don’t need to store sensitive business files on their own unsecured devices. Instead, data is stored, processed, and accessed within your cloud environment.


You can set up an entire cloud desktop environment in the space of two hours. From there, new licenses and desktops can be provisioned and set up in a matter of clicks.

desktop as a service
desktop as a service


Complex tasks like organization-wide password changes, license provisioning, resetting desktops, and managing Group memberships are made simple by a WVD platform that’s designed to be used by anyone.


Customize your own desktop from the ground up, including software, operating system, and cloud server. Whether you want to run an entirely Azure-based desktop, or customize with the Linux operating system, or host on Amazon Web Services, we can deploy the right environment for you.

desktop as a service

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When you choose MessageOps and Azure Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), flexible working environment that meets the demands of modern business and unlocks value and productivity gains. We’re dedicated to helping you succeed, every step of the way.

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