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Get managed support with both
proactive and reactive services across
the full Microsoft platform.

Champion has responded to client's requests for enhanced support options by partnering with Microsoft for a fresh new Platinum Support service which offers complete, end-to-end managed support across the full Microsoft platform. Champion's Platinum Support provides an answer to meet your complex support needs, expand your capabilities in the cloud, and collaborate strategically with all your Microsoft solutions. The beauty of this offering is we capitalize on Champion's SMEs and Microsoft's experts to deliver the fastest and most appropriate support.

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A more affordable, customizable, and efficient Microsoft support program.

Full-service. Full value. Full support.

When you choose Champion Platinum Support for Microsoft, you will get 70 hours* of reactive and proactive support + 80 hours* of technical account management.

  • Onboarding and Q&A session to review support process
  • Monthly reporting with open and closed cases and the amount of hours remaining
  • Regular meetings to review your program and current support consumption
  • Support for a wide variety of scenarios including outages, client onboarding, technical challenges, cloud technical assessments, planning, implementations, training and much more

*These hours are the minimum you will receive on an annual basis. Customizable schedules are readily available.

More than just a support plan

With Champion Platinum Support, we respond quickly to your needs and escalate issues when necessary with Microsoft experts and product teams. Our goal is to deliver Platinum support for your business every step of the way so there is no time wasted with addressing Microsoft issues or solving business challenges. This program has proven to be less costly than other support offerings.

An affordable, value-packed, alternative for Microsoft Support

Fully customizable - this program is highly customizable and designed to improve the health and overall planning of complex projects, while also addressing day to day technical challenges on an as needed basis.

  • US-based support
  • More than 400 certifications
  • World-class ticketing and support system
  • 40+ years of experience

Core Support

  • Support across all deployments including on-premises, hybrid, and cloud to keep your business running smoothly
  • IT health checks and training to help optimize your technology and IT staff

Advanced Support

  • Prioritized break/fix support from Microsoft and response times as fast as 1 hour
  • 24×7 access to specialized Microsoft support engineers to answer questions and help you solve problems

Performance Support

  • On staff SME’s review issues prior to escalation keeping to ticketing costs down
  • Monthly Reporting – A case report will be sent out to the individuals you specify, which will include active and closed cases as well as the hours decremented per case and from the overall plan.
  • Monthly Meeting – A monthly recurring meeting will be setup and include the individuals you specify. The meeting will cover current plan consumption, case review and proactive projects in your pipeline.

A more affordable, customizable, and efficient Microsoft support program.

Reactive Support Hours

These hours are used to fix production outages and technical challenges that require more expertise.

Proactive Support Hours

Address your on-premise and cloud technical assessments, strategic planning, architectural design, implementations and training. Our scheduled service catalog includes over 300 customizable services.

Technical Account Management

These hours ensure facilitating/escalating and prioritizing of IT initiatives and support is timely and accurate.

"Think of it as insurance for you Microsoft IT environment."

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