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Check out the reviews on MessageOps ROOT – a Sharepoint Intranet Portal


Nine out of the best Intranets Worldwide in 2016 run on SharePoint according to the trusted Nielsen Norman Group in their latest Best Intranets report. This proves that SharePoint is still one of the most popular Intranet and Document collaboration platforms in the world. With the latest version of SharePoint 2016 coming out, and some companies moving fully to the cloud in SharePoint Online, a lot of intranets are being rebuilt to modernize their Intranet platform. Read more→


ROOT lets your team communicate and collaborate no matter where they are or what devices they work on thanks to its completely device responsive, modern widget design. ROOT’s interdepartmental workflow designs bring immediate benefits to your organization by streamlining and automating workflow efficiency. ROOT’s enhanced people finder makes it easy for your team to find the people and skill sets they need to get answers quickly. Read more→

The benefits of a Microsoft SharePoint intranet

Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint intranet portal, Human Resource Portal Office 365 portals
  • Increase Productivity: It’s easy to be proactive when execs, department heads and employees all have one site where they can go to access the information and tools that are essential to their jobs. Serving as a daily dashboard that shows upcoming events and meetings, outstanding tasks, relevant news, email, critical documents and more, ROOT makes it easy to get to work on your business’s biggest priorities.
  • Facilitate communication: Employees’ daily use of ROOT makes it easy for management to share important announcements, new initiatives, and policy updates; to recognize outstanding employees and teams; gather feedback and suggestions; and communicate company history, culture and positioning—even with thousands of employees scattered across the globe.
  • Streamline processes: Improve processes by automating cross-departmental workflows, and eliminate unnecessary steps so you can deliver your product or service faster and more effectively. From simple internal processes like performance reviews and departmental requests to onboarding and off-boarding of employees, everything can be handled through your Office 365-hosted.
  • Foster collaboration: Networking tools allow employees from different departments, teams and locations to find and connect with your company’s subject matter experts. Social and professional networks expand as employees become familiar with one another, creating a sense of community that supports collaboration and boosts productivity.
  • Unify messaging: Every customer interaction, regardless of platform, should reinforce your core message and provide a consistent brand experience. ROOT enables your company to think with one mind and speak with one voice regarding corporate and departmental goals, marketing and industry events, and social messaging.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What platforms can ROOT be hosted on?

A: Your company intranet will be hosted on Office 365 for easy online access from any device and location.

Q2: Can more features be added to ROOT?

A: Yes! MessageOps has built flexibility into ROOT’s core functionality, which means we can add any features you need. An additional fee is required for this service.

Q3: Can I request a personal demo to see how ROOT works?

A: Absolutely! Our SharePoint consultants would be happy to show you exactly what ROOT can do for your business.

Q4: What Office 365 Plan is required to run ROOT?

A: ROOT runs on top of SharePoint online. The following Office 365 Plans come with SharePoint online: E1, E3, E5 Business Essentials, Business Premium.

Q5: Can we rebrand ROOT to match our company guidelines?

A: Definitely! Add just your name and logo or work with our branding department for a complete graphics overhaul that matches your company to a T. An additional fee is required for this service.

Q6: Can ROOT be deployed on-premise or as a private cloud solution?

A: No, ROOT can only be deployed on Office 365.

Q7: How long does it take to rollout?

A: It takes up to two weeks to deploy ROOT. Rollout time may be extended if additional features or functionality are required, but it’s still faster than the 12+ months it would take to build a from-scratch intranet.

Q8: Will you provide training for users, admins and developers?

A: Absolutely! As part of your setup fee, our team will provide support and guidance on the development of content for your intranet and other admin-related concerns after the rollout.

Q9: Does ROOT support any mobile device?

A: Yes! Responsively designed, ROOT can be viewed on any size screen on any device including laptops, smartphones, tablets and televisions.

Q10: Is a large IT staff required to manage ROOT?

A: Not at all! ROOT is easy to set up and administer. We’ll even train you on managing and administrating the portal as part of our deployment services.

Q11: Is there a limit on the number of users who can access ROOT?

A: Nope! We do not impose limits for the number of users who can access ROOT.

Q12: Can I add more workflows, widgets, sites and libraries to ROOT?

A: ROOT is built with SharePoint Online, which means you can customize, add and remove anything you want (within SharePoint Online’s guidelines, of course). You can choose to do this yourself or, for an additional charge of $150.00 per hour, we’ll customize anything you’d like!

ROOT and SharePoint Online Video Tour

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